8 Week Weight Loss Challenge -Recap of Day 5

I’ve been so concentrated on preparing food for this week that I didn’t get to share what I have ate for the past few days. Did you guys miss my updates! Yesterday mark the last day of my detox week. Today is the beginning of phase 2 which will continue for the next 7 weeks. I know it’s hard but I am not going to give up!! I lost another 2 lbs a total of 4 lbs from the detox! (I had measure my body parts and will be keeping track of inches being shred off.) Detoxing really helped me get rid of the gunk I have stored in my body from all the junk and alcohol I had consumed through the year. If you want to know more about detoxing, please feel free to contact me.


On Friday, I was very excited to recreates some of the recipes I had found for the weekend. In the meantime I had to resort to something simple. I made myself an one egg spinach and pepper omelette for breakfast.


I only used one because I was saving some protein quota for my lunch. It was my favorite doctor’s birthday! We ordered chinese food, and since I was still doing my detox, I was restricted. In the end I had a mixture of chicken, mushrooms, peppers, and onions! No cheating or cake for me either!


It was a good lunch. Midway through the day I needed a snack so I had some edamame. I really love crunch food/snacks so this was perfect for when I want to snack on something healthy.


Fruit is oooo so important so I had an orange for snack too. As for dinner, I had a huge box of steamed chinese broccoli. I was stuffed by the end of Friday night.

Saturday and Sunday deserved a special blog entry. Stay tune!