8 Week Weight Loss + Travel Diary – 3rd Week (Part 3)

So much happen during that week that it deserves a 3rd post to complete it. Other then being a vacation this was the main reason I was in Miami! Miami World Conference 2016! #MAWC2016 What is it? It’s a convention that updates us, unfranchise owners (entrepreneurs) of what’s the latest trend, products and newest technology that we are going to have for the upcoming year. It’s always a vision to behold.

I arrived at the American Arena at 9 AM. I missed the crowd and my team had already went in but I knew I was going to be embraced with the positive energy when I get in. Plus I was lucky enough to take a picture with this beauty.


After a very informative morning, it was time for lunch!

Day 1

For lunch, I had a chicken caesar salad from the arena and I regret eating it for 3 days because it got me really sick. >_< Tummy ache and um…. bad for the other end of me.

After lunch we came back to see La La Anthony on stage!


She is an American radio and television personality, New York Times best-selling author, business woman, producer, actress and runs a Motives Cosmetic line for women of color. She was sharing the latest colors and products on her Motives Cosmetic line. They were beautiful!

Then Loren Ridinger and Scotty Pipen came on stage!


Loren Ridinger is an amazing and down to earth person! She is the creator of Motive Cosmetics, a skincare line, an exquisite jewelry collection, a true entrepreneur and an inspiration! Without her and her husband, JR Ridinger, none of us will here. Next to her is Scotty Pipin! Even though I don’t really watch sports, I do know who he is. He plays basketball and he is one tall guy! He also endorses one of our very powerful supplement for bone and joint support for free!

After a day of listening to inspiring entrepreneurs, I grabbed a quick dinner from Subways to go, another salad, this time a turkey chopped salad.


We wrapped the night up by sharing our thoughts and awaits for the excitement of the 2nd day.



8 Week Weight Loss Challenge -Recap of Day 5

I’ve been so concentrated on preparing food for this week that I didn’t get to share what I have ate for the past few days. Did you guys miss my updates! Yesterday mark the last day of my detox week. Today is the beginning of phase 2 which will continue for the next 7 weeks. I know it’s hard but I am not going to give up!! I lost another 2 lbs a total of 4 lbs from the detox! (I had measure my body parts and will be keeping track of inches being shred off.) Detoxing really helped me get rid of the gunk I have stored in my body from all the junk and alcohol I had consumed through the year. If you want to know more about detoxing, please feel free to contact me.


On Friday, I was very excited to recreates some of the recipes I had found for the weekend. In the meantime I had to resort to something simple. I made myself an one egg spinach and pepper omelette for breakfast.


I only used one because I was saving some protein quota for my lunch. It was my favorite doctor’s birthday! We ordered chinese food, and since I was still doing my detox, I was restricted. In the end I had a mixture of chicken, mushrooms, peppers, and onions! No cheating or cake for me either!


It was a good lunch. Midway through the day I needed a snack so I had some edamame. I really love crunch food/snacks so this was perfect for when I want to snack on something healthy.


Fruit is oooo so important so I had an orange for snack too. As for dinner, I had a huge box of steamed chinese broccoli. I was stuffed by the end of Friday night.

Saturday and Sunday deserved a special blog entry. Stay tune!


8 Week Weight Loss Challenge – Day 4

Last night’s dinner was sooo good! I ate the rest of the St. Peter’s Fish for lunch. Literally dreamed about it. Lol.


Enter a caption

Since the fish is probably over 6 oz, I can’t have any eggs again this morning so I quickly made these instead. Edamame!



It’s really more of a snack then a breakfast but I didn’t know what to make since I’m not making eggs. I think for tomorrow morning I’ll make a spinach and pepper omelette or maybe a green smoothie? I need to brainstorm.


I have more blueberries and pomegranate seeds as snack today again. Last of the blueberries. Next could be blackberries? Strawberries? Maybe even grapefruit?


8 Week Weight Loss Challenge – Day 3


Since I have dinner plans I decide not to make eggs today. Saving my protein quota for tonight! =)

I stir-fry some beech mushroom with a bit of cabbage in a low sodium vegetable broth instead of using oil. (Any kind of oil and avocado is good fat. In this challenge I can only have 2 tablespoon of oil per day!)


This is definitely not take out, I only used the container. Lol.

At work, someone was leaving the division so we had a luncheon to say good bye to her. I obviously can’t eat a majority of the food but there was salad so I grabbed a plate of it. Looks really fresh!

8 Week Weight Loss Challenge – Day 1 & 2

Yesterday was the first day of my 8 Week Challenge! It’s off to a good start! For this challenge, I incorporated something called the 21 Day Challenge. First week is to complete a detox with 7 Day Cleanse kit that contains fiber, Hepatocleanse tablets and release tablets which helps cleanse the liver, gastrointestinal tract and fiber as everyone knows helps normal your bowel movements. The 7 weeks following it are portioned to have a balance of vegetable, fruits and lean protein.

Enough about the technical stuff here is a pic of my food shopping for the week.


Yesterday, Monday was my first day and I woke up late. I only had 2 servings of fruit for breakfast and I was out. (I had another container of this as today’s snack.)


I didn’t really get to eat throughout the day but in the evening I made a big batch of brussels sprouts and mushroom and ate a quarter of it for dinner.


Then this morning I woke up extra early to make scrabble eggs with pepper and mushrooms.


For lunch I ate the rest of the brussels sprouts and mushrooms. Tonight since I have to be in Flushing, I stopped by Paris Baguettes and brought a grill chicken and mango salad. It was good but the mango was really crisp and sour… =/


Tomorrow is another new day and must prepare another days’ worth of food. Till tomorrow!