Rocksbox + One Month Free Coupon

Hi! I’m taking a break from talking about Miami but I definitely still have more to share from that trip, something artistic and erotic…. Today I want to share about my experience using Rocksbox. I’m not getting paid to share about it, I just want to share my experience.

What is Rocksbox? It’s a jewelry subscription service. For just $19 a month you have unlimited access to try designer brand jewelry ranging from earrings to necklaces to rings. You get 3 pieces of designer jewelry to wear on loan and you can return it at anytime to get 3 new pieces and as many times as you want in a month at no additional cost! Each set is worth an average of $200 so definitely not low quality jewelry. Usually you can even wear all 3 pieces together.

It arrives in the mail in a bubble bag with this beautiful box inside! I love the ribbon design. It’s like unwrapping a gift each time!


Inside the box it comes with a personalize note with a list of what’s inside your box and how much each item will cost if you were to buy it. They have an insider price which is cheaper then the retail price. If you are lucky you may catch a sale at a retailer store of that item but most likely not. I have tried looking up the items (6 items out of 2 sets of box) that I have received and I only found one item that was on sale at Saks. You also recieve $10 off any item you decide to buy that month.


It is wrapped nicely in a black and white zig zag pattern tissue paper.


After I opened it voila! Each item is wrapped individually in a small pouch by their company with a bubble wrap or a clear bag protecting it. I love the individual pouches, if I were to carry it around I would use the pouches.

Left Top: Slate Total Eclipse Cuff – Retail: $39

Left Bottom: Kendra Scott Sophee Drop Earring in Gold – Retail: $50

Right: Gorjana DIY Necklace with Arrow Chain in Gold – Retail: $75


I love each individual piece of jewelry! The Slate Total Eclipse Cuff was simple yet elegant. It fits in easily with my style and clothing however I have a very small wrist. It moves around too much for me and is too loose even after I adjust it. STATUS: Return

I love how the Kendra Scott Sophee Drop Earring in Gold can be paired together with Gorjana’s DIY Necklace with Arrow Chain in Gold. It looks great together! I love the earrings! It’s really simple and not heavy at all being that it’s hollow in the middle. I can wear it styled up with a suit or down with a party dress. STATUS: Return I return it simply because I want to explore more before I spend money buying a piece. I might go back and buy it in the future because I do love it.

The Gorjana’s DIY Necklace with Arrow Chain in Gold is delicate with a refined touch. The length is perfect for me and the small detail of the arrow chain is cute and can be a timeless piece. Being that this is a DIY necklace, I can replace the Arrow Chain with something else and can mix and match. However, I am a person who have bolder taste and would prefer it to have some bolder color or statement. If I receive another DIY necklace from Gorjana that is a bit bolder I might keep it. STATUS: Return


Even though I return every piece in this box, it’s okay. After I returned this box, 5 days later I got a new box in the mail! Will share the contents in the next box soon.

How did I returned it? When I recieve the first box it comes with a prepaid label that you can put back on the bubble bag, reseal it and drop it into any USPS mailbox and voila! Your done!


Last but not least I do have a code to try this subscription box for a month for FREE. If you are interested in try it out for a month for FREE, please leave a comment!

Also what of jewelry do like to wear?


8 Week Weight Loss + Travel Diary – 3rd Week (Part 3)

So much happen during that week that it deserves a 3rd post to complete it. Other then being a vacation this was the main reason I was in Miami! Miami World Conference 2016! #MAWC2016 What is it? It’s a convention that updates us, unfranchise owners (entrepreneurs) of what’s the latest trend, products and newest technology that we are going to have for the upcoming year. It’s always a vision to behold.

I arrived at the American Arena at 9 AM. I missed the crowd and my team had already went in but I knew I was going to be embraced with the positive energy when I get in. Plus I was lucky enough to take a picture with this beauty.


After a very informative morning, it was time for lunch!

Day 1

For lunch, I had a chicken caesar salad from the arena and I regret eating it for 3 days because it got me really sick. >_< Tummy ache and um…. bad for the other end of me.

After lunch we came back to see La La Anthony on stage!


She is an American radio and television personality, New York Times best-selling author, business woman, producer, actress and runs a Motives Cosmetic line for women of color. She was sharing the latest colors and products on her Motives Cosmetic line. They were beautiful!

Then Loren Ridinger and Scotty Pipen came on stage!


Loren Ridinger is an amazing and down to earth person! She is the creator of Motive Cosmetics, a skincare line, an exquisite jewelry collection, a true entrepreneur and an inspiration! Without her and her husband, JR Ridinger, none of us will here. Next to her is Scotty Pipin! Even though I don’t really watch sports, I do know who he is. He plays basketball and he is one tall guy! He also endorses one of our very powerful supplement for bone and joint support for free!

After a day of listening to inspiring entrepreneurs, I grabbed a quick dinner from Subways to go, another salad, this time a turkey chopped salad.


We wrapped the night up by sharing our thoughts and awaits for the excitement of the 2nd day.


8 Week Weight Loss Challenge -2nd Week (Day 8 to 12)

Sorry about the updates! Last week feels super long at work since I’m going on vacation this week. So one big post for this past week. I ate a lot of the food I prepare over the weekend and it certainly helps since I get home late most of the time.

I’ve been making one version or another of an omelette.


This one was Monday’s, 3 egg white, spinach and pepper. I saved the egg yolks. I think this was the best looking omelette I’ve made since I started the challenge.


Lunch was a salad with corn, avocado, pepper and of course the chicken breast I made over the weekend. I forgot to make my own dressing so I used just lemon juice, not the best option by itself.


In the evening, I end up trying to steam the egg yolks I had left from earlier. The results were not that good. It was too watery. I thought it was because I didn’t steam it for long enough. I still ate one and the next morning (Tuesday) I steamed the other two for longer, same results. =( Will have to change up the recipe to get better results.


8 Week Weight Loss Challenge -Recap of Day 5

I’ve been so concentrated on preparing food for this week that I didn’t get to share what I have ate for the past few days. Did you guys miss my updates! Yesterday mark the last day of my detox week. Today is the beginning of phase 2 which will continue for the next 7 weeks. I know it’s hard but I am not going to give up!! I lost another 2 lbs a total of 4 lbs from the detox! (I had measure my body parts and will be keeping track of inches being shred off.) Detoxing really helped me get rid of the gunk I have stored in my body from all the junk and alcohol I had consumed through the year. If you want to know more about detoxing, please feel free to contact me.


On Friday, I was very excited to recreates some of the recipes I had found for the weekend. In the meantime I had to resort to something simple. I made myself an one egg spinach and pepper omelette for breakfast.


I only used one because I was saving some protein quota for my lunch. It was my favorite doctor’s birthday! We ordered chinese food, and since I was still doing my detox, I was restricted. In the end I had a mixture of chicken, mushrooms, peppers, and onions! No cheating or cake for me either!


It was a good lunch. Midway through the day I needed a snack so I had some edamame. I really love crunch food/snacks so this was perfect for when I want to snack on something healthy.


Fruit is oooo so important so I had an orange for snack too. As for dinner, I had a huge box of steamed chinese broccoli. I was stuffed by the end of Friday night.

Saturday and Sunday deserved a special blog entry. Stay tune!


Travel Must Haves

Traveling? Too many things you want to bring? These travel size kits are the best! I can’t travel without them! The free shampoo and bath wash you get at hotels are usually a hit or miss. Some brands aren’t so bad but if you have extra sensitive skin or skin allergies its better to bring your own. The only hotel ones, I like were the ones from Revel Casino. I always bring my own products. This is the perfect size for travel since they are 2 oz each.



My personal favorite in this kit, is the shower gel and I love popping the Vitamin A and E beads. Our skin can’t get enough Vitamin A and E to stay silky smooth and its fun popping them. Takes only 2 seconds to pop them and it smells really good with a hint of orange and apple scent.


Travel Diary: Ocean City, MD 2015

I went on weekend business trip earlier this month and its been awesome! Even though it was only 3 days but its been an awesome trip. Great food!


Crab cake sandwich! All crabmeat, the real deal!


1 lb of Alaskan’s Crab Legs! It was good but I took forever to eat it. Now that I learn a tip from Rita, next time will be so much easier and faster!


Cherry Blossom Time!!

Sorry guys! My last post was my haircut post back in October! Been extremely busy with work and business activities. There has been so many things I wanted to share with you guys! I had tried the cronut and wanted to share that with you guys, went to Miami in February wanted to share this amazing restaurant with you guys and some amazing products I have tried (makeup and etc). There just so many things but I’m going to take a step back and share with you something more recent, my little trip to Botanic Garden with my sister yesterday!!

(FYI. Can click on the picture to get a better view.)



We were both being cute… Lol


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