Cherry Blossom Time!!

Sorry guys! My last post was my haircut post back in October! Been extremely busy with work and business activities. There has been so many things I wanted to share with you guys! I had tried the cronut and wanted to share that with you guys, went to Miami in February wanted to share this amazing restaurant with you guys and some amazing products I have tried (makeup and etc). There just so many things but I’m going to take a step back and share with you something more recent, my little trip to Botanic Garden with my sister yesterday!!

(FYI. Can click on the picture to get a better view.)



We were both being cute… Lol



Russell Peters The Green Card Show

On Friday, my sister met up with me after work and we had a quick dinner. Afterward, we went to Russell Peters The Green Card show and it was hilarious. Russell Peters is a great comedian.

Russell Peters The Green Card show took place at Radio City Music Hall. It was my first time watching a performance at Radio City Music Hall, so I didn’t know what to expect.

I was taken completely by surprise when I enter the Music Hall to see his grand view. I didn’t expected it to be this big and spacious. They had a bar, snack stands, and merchandise stands all around the lobby. I felt like it was bigger then Madison Square Garden.

I also founded something very interesting in the restroom. Usually you will see automatic hand dryers or the type where you push a button but you won’t see that here. At Radio City you will see very old fashion hand dryers where you would need to step on a pedal to turn on the hand dryer. Many people did not notice the pedal or sign and thought it was broken.

I didn’t know it was the 20th Anniversary for Russell Peters show till I saw the stage.

There were two DJs on stage. One on each side. They were remixing for a good half an hr before the show begins.

At the start of the show, they preview a mini clip of Russell Peters in multiply disguises. This was one of the disguises. It was funny.

They start off the comedian act with Owen Smith. He was pretty funny.

After around 7 minutes, Russell Peters enters the stage. He was hilarious. Alice and I had a very good time laughing our heads off. My jaw hurts a lot from laughing. It was a very good night out with my sister.