8 Week Weight Loss Challenge – Day 3


Since I have dinner plans I decide not to make eggs today. Saving my protein quota for tonight! =)

I stir-fry some beech mushroom with a bit of cabbage in a low sodium vegetable broth instead of using oil. (Any kind of oil and avocado is good fat. In this challenge I can only have 2 tablespoon of oil per day!)


This is definitely not take out, I only used the container. Lol.

At work, someone was leaving the division so we had a luncheon to say good bye to her. I obviously can’t eat a majority of the food but there was salad so I grabbed a plate of it. Looks really fresh!


8 Week Weight Loss Challenge – Day 1 & 2

Yesterday was the first day of my 8 Week Challenge! It’s off to a good start! For this challenge, I incorporated something called the 21 Day Challenge. First week is to complete a detox with 7 Day Cleanse kit that contains fiber, Hepatocleanse tablets and release tablets which helps cleanse the liver, gastrointestinal tract and fiber as everyone knows helps normal your bowel movements. The 7 weeks following it are portioned to have a balance of vegetable, fruits and lean protein.

Enough about the technical stuff here is a pic of my food shopping for the week.


Yesterday, Monday was my first day and I woke up late. I only had 2 servings of fruit for breakfast and I was out. (I had another container of this as today’s snack.)


I didn’t really get to eat throughout the day but in the evening I made a big batch of brussels sprouts and mushroom and ate a quarter of it for dinner.


Then this morning I woke up extra early to make scrabble eggs with pepper and mushrooms.


For lunch I ate the rest of the brussels sprouts and mushrooms. Tonight since I have to be in Flushing, I stopped by Paris Baguettes and brought a grill chicken and mango salad. It was good but the mango was really crisp and sour… =/


Tomorrow is another new day and must prepare another days’ worth of food. Till tomorrow!

Travel Diary: Las Vegas – Day 1 to 2

It was my 2nd time flying this year and my sister’s first official flying trip since she can remember. It wasn’t a bad flight (6 hrs flight). We both were extremely exhausted by the time we landed. I was sick the day before I got on the plane. Glad I pack plenty of vitamins with me!


We arrive @ Las Vegas in the evening. 6pm here is 9pm in NYC! 3 hours difference.


By the time we got back to the hotel, we were exhausted and crashed for the evening. Quite uneventfully but let the fun begin the next day!


Have You Ever Tried…

Have you ever tried this:


Green tea blended Chobani yogurt?! (Limited edition)


Travel Diary: Ocean City, MD 2015

I went on weekend business trip earlier this month and its been awesome! Even though it was only 3 days but its been an awesome trip. Great food!


Crab cake sandwich! All crabmeat, the real deal!


1 lb of Alaskan’s Crab Legs! It was good but I took forever to eat it. Now that I learn a tip from Rita, next time will be so much easier and faster!


I Know The Chef – Sen Restaurant

247464v2-max-250x250 untitled Recently through Daily Candy and Urban Daddy, I was introduced to a new type of restaurant reservation service called I Know The Chef. I Know The Chef is an online concierge service that gives their members the ability to make reservations at exclusive restaurants at prime times with VIP treatments. I haven’t made an actual reservation from them as of yet but I have attended an event hosted by their founder, Joshua Stern.


(Photo credit to DailyCandy)

This was I Know The Chef’s second ‘Members Dinner’ and it took place at Sen Restaurant on November 13 at 7:30pm. The owner, Toranosuke J. Matsuoka created a delicious and exclusive 5 course menu with sake pairings. It is priced at $70 per person. I think its a very reasonable price for a 5 course with sake pairing but many people will think its too expensive.

Sen Logo

(Snapshot of Sen Restaurant Website)

inside of sen

(Photo Credit to Sen Restaurant Website)

When we entered the restaurant I was greeted by a friendly host who led me to the front of the bar where Joshua and the rest of the attendees are. I was immediately offered a cocktail. It was delicious, however I had already forgotten what it was. Rate: 5/5



Baking Class: Macaron

I have always loved desserts. Desserts to me is the main course. Over the past year, I have grown to love macarons. It all started with Audrey’s Concerto‘s macarons. Since then I had always wanted to learn to make my own batch. It’s expensive buying macarons in the city. Audrey’s Concerto sells the small ones for $1.75 and big ones for $2.50.

Small Macaron

Big Macaron

After some research, I came across Sur La Table which offers a macaron making class called, Vive Le Macaron for $69. They don’t offer this class often and I immediately signed up for it.

Sur La Table Sign


Sur La Table had a spacious kitchen for their cooking class and we all worked in groups of 3 or 4. I worked with a couple, Alisa and Brian.


The first batch of macaron we were making were Strawberry with Champagne Buttercream. The almond flour, powered sugar and strawberry powder was already mixed by a food processor into a fine powder form. We went ahead to make the french meringue (Room temperature egg whites being whipped with a high percentage of sugar).

Meringue Step w:o Food Coloring Pefect Peak

We wanted the meringue to be stiff, firm, and have a glossy peaked form.

Meringue Step w: Food Coloring

We then added the food coloring and whisked it a little more to create the perfect peak!


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