8 Week Weight Loss + Travel Diary – 3rd Week (Part 1)

I had such an awesome vacation that I did not get to update! How was I able to do this vacation yet eat properly?! Discipline, determination and don’t cheat too much and guess what! It paid off! This morning when I check my weight I lost 10 lbs!

PhotoGrid_1455399989852 The weekend right before the trip I was trying to make snacks that I can bring with me to Miami. I found these two amazing recipes!


Eggplant chip and roasted chick peas! The Eggplant Chip recipe is by Leanne Vogel. The Spicy Baked Chickpeas recipe is by Emily Miller.

They both came out amazing. The crisp on the eggplant didn’t last as long as I wanted but was still really good in flavor. The chick peas were amazing! Pack full of flavor with a kick to it. I liked the chick pea recipe more.


Breakfast was egg again then tofu! For the rest of the weekend, my protein was steamed soft tofu with soy chili sauce. I tweak the recipe from the original recipe from Beyond Kimchee. It was simple and easy to make, and delicious to eat.


The day before my flight, I met up with a few close friends and had brunch. I LOVE Brunch and Egg Benedicts. I ordered the Florentine Egg Benedict. It have spinach instead of lox which was a change from what I usually order and it was an interesting combination. (I did skip the homemade hash but not the english muffin.) =/

For dinner, I didn’t want to cook so I only ate a container of soft tofu dessert. Technically I wasn’t suppose to eat sweets or wheat but I did cheat once in awhile… =( So bad!



Wong Fu Productions Spring 2010 Tour – Columbia University, NYC

This event actually happened a few months ago on a very very special Sunday night. I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time now but never had the chance to completely finish it. I’ve been a Wong Fu Productions fan for a long time and naturally I tried to attend every tour event they had held in NYC.

This event was hosted at Alfred Lerner Hall at Columbia University. It was my first time stepping foot onto Columbia campus. I loved how big the campus was and how everything was centered in a park atmosphere.

I actually saw the Wong Fu Productions crew trio before stepping into the lecture hall but I didn’t get a chance to say hi to them. This should be my 4th time attending their events. I was excited to see them in NYC again, but I wasn’t as excited as people who were about to see them for the first time. There was a big round of screams and applauses when Wes, Phil and Ted enter the lecture hall. I didn’t go crazy but I was just as happy and excited.

Ted, Phil, and Wes went about setting up their equipments and as they were setting up I went up to Ted to say hi and he recognize me right away! I am extremely happy that he still recognize me after all these years (they do see over thousands of people every year from touring).

They show a few upcoming shorts and a MV to us and my favorite will have to be “When Five Fell” which was release last month.

It is about how 5 objects: Glasses, Cup, Umbrella, Scarf and Telephone fell in and out of love with the girl. I like that Wes started the short from the floor view/angle. It gives us something completely different to look and start at. I love how the entire short was filmed (angles, lighting and shadows). The music that was used throughout the short really help bring out the mood. I love how Wes used the objects to portray the different senses and stages of a relationship. It gave us something to observe, absorb and think about. Out of all the Wong Fu Productions short’, this has became my favorite.

After a long Q+A, there was a huge line of fans waiting and wanting to take pictures and autographs with them including me. I won’t miss an opportunity to add another group picture with them to my Wong Fu Productions photo album. It was a very fun night.

The Taking of Pelham 123

I went to the movies on Sunday with my friends and saw 5 movies: Aliens in the Attic, The Ugly Truth, G-Force 3D, Ice Age – Dawn of the Dinosaurs 3D, Public Enemy in that order. None of them were as good as The Taking of Pelham 123 that I saw a few weeks ago. It was a remake of a hostage thriller from 1974. I didn’t know it was a remake until after I saw the movie.

The Taking of Pelham 123

Denzel Washington as Walter Garber’s acting skills was breathtaking and magnificent. The intense mood he sets off, the way he portrays his character, it all keeps your eyes glue to the screen. You can’t even get up to go to the bathroom. In the movie, chaos was brought into his ordinary life and was able to handle the chaos with the right notch of attitude and perspective. He was able to portray a calming, confident, semi-sane character under this type of pressure. He was always excellent in portraying these type of characters hense his other movies (ie. Man on Fire with Dakota Fanning).

Denzel Washington

John Travolta as Ryder was excellent but his acting was somewhat exaggerated. I think he exaggerated by cursing too often and his mood swing. What I meant by mood swing is – He was laid back and friendly to Walter Garber one second and scream and cursing at them the next. He did portray his character as Ryder very well with his physical appearance and his emotions. The mood swing did make him more fun to watch. He is great as a bad guy. He has the skills. He also has the looks of a bad gangster guy. His beard did the work. The image designer who worked on his character did a great job.

John Travolta


As for the plot, Ryder was the criminal mastermind of a gang which consist of 3 other members. One of the gang member used to work for MTA. He was the gang’s subway-knowledge henchman. They asked for ten million dollar ransom for a car full of passengers. They threaten to execute a person for ever one minute they are late in meeting the deadline (one hr). Walter Garber a subway dispatcher was to outsmart Ryder and his gang in their own game with his extensive knowledge of the subway system to save the hostages.

I love the heat and tension that builds up the movie. But through it all, Walter had one question in mind that he can’t quite comprehend: even if the thieves do succeed in getting their money, how could they possibly get out of the tunnels undetected? You would need to see the movie on DVD to get that answer.

Direct 2 You Concert (Wong Fu Productions + Magnetic North)

Event: Direct 2 You Concert (Wong Fu Productions + Magnetic North)
Location: NYU Kimmel Center (60 Washington South Sq)
Date: Monday, Oct 29th
Time: 7pm

I had alot of fun at the Direct 2 You Concert at NYU last night. It was my second Wong Fu event. My first was at the Music Video Show that took place in the summer. I was very nervous back then but this time I was not nervous at all just full of enthusiasm of getting to meet Ted again. I was very happy and surprised when Ted actually recognize me from the Music Video Show. I didn’t think he’ll recognize me since he met so many ppl that day. I was also glad when he recalled that Donald went with me (not remembering his name but that a guy went with me) and thinks that he’s my brother. Why was I glad about it? It’s because for once ppl don’t that he was my boyfriend just a friend or brother. We talk for a little bit and then I ran off to find a seat, almost all the seats were taken.

Then it was…..
Show Time!

Ted showed us a very funny, short and entertaining clip of Philip, Wes, and him saying hi to us, apologizing for their absence. Everyone chucked alot through it because Philip was making alot of funny faces. A short speech was made and FINALLY Wes’s short film was premiered. I took tons of snapshots of funny, cute, and hot expressions from the short film, another highly entertaining and amusing short. I laughed and chuckled alot throught out it. After the lights went back on Ted started answering questions about the short. A few more chuckles went around. I was thinking that the night is about to end, turn out that it was just the beginning.

MAGNETIC NORTH came on stage. When I read on CSS’s site that they were going to come. I thought they were bluffing. Teresa aka T- and Derek aka Direct were both very nice and energized. They went right on hip hopping on their songs. They sang a few songs and now I have two faves. Drifted Away and We Will Not Be Moved. In two of the songs they remixed it some more to get the audience to join in the singing. While I was videotaping a few minute of the song with my camera I joined along to. I was high on HIP HOP which I was never a huge fan for but last night I was all HIGH. It was a great and fullfilling night.


Central Park + Shrek 3

Last Friday the 25th was a very exciting and fun day. We did so many things and I was exhausted by the end of the day. I had to wake up at 7am to meet up with Nancy. It was so early! I end up being 10 minutes late which wasn’t that bad. We arrived at LIRR station to pick up her friend, Johnny. Now I know 2 Johnnys. =} Nancy’s bf, Tim showed up at the last minute, which was a surprise because Nancy said he wasn’t going to come because of work. We also met up with Ming (it’s a she) and Justin. We ate a little bit of something at Manhattan Mall and we headed off to Central Park!

It took us awhile to find the area for canoe rowing within Central Park. It was a good thing that Justin was with us otherwise we will all be lost. None of us have a good sense of direction. We splited up into 2 groups, Johnny, Nancy and I were in one and Ming and Justin were in the 2nd one. We rowed the canoe around for an hour. Nancy and I rowed for only 15 minutes in total. Johnny rowed us for the rest of it because I was too tired to row it some more. It takes alot of strength to row it. It was a kinda fun. I took plenty of pictures. Tim left us before we even start canoe rowing otherwise I’m sure it’ll be more fun. I took some more pictures as we were leaving Central Park.

After we left Central Park, Ming said she was hungry so we went back to 34th Street for Korean food and Donald joined us. Ming, Justin and I order Korean food. Johnny, Nancy and Donald order Japanese food. Ming order something really spicy or at least look very spicy. I don’t know how she does it but she ate it all up like it was nothing. Justin ordered a sizzling rice dish that look very yummy. I’m thinking about ordering it myself the next time I go as for that day I ordered a very simple soup with some beef in it to go with a white rice. It was okie, didn’t think it’ll be that simple. Donald and Nancy order sushi. Nancy almost didn’t finish her food but for once she actually did. I think Johnny ordered beef or chicken teriyaki. Everyone had alot of fun eatting and talking away.

After late lunch/dinner it was still early. It was only 6:45pm so we decided to go watch Shrek 3. We watch the 7:15pm one at the AMC Lowes Theater located at 312 West 34th Street. The movie theater was very nice. The movie was pretty good and it was funny. The only bad thing was Donald. He kept complaining that I was talking to much at the movie. Then I think to myself about that, I realize that I always talk a bit when I’m at the theater with my friends. I always make little comments here and there. It’s just the way we are so I ignoring him. I took some more pictures at the theater displays. I had alot of fun taking pictures of everyone and trying to squeeze myself in some pictures too and here is the link to view all the wonderful and funny pictures we took that day. Enjoy!

Wong Fu Productions

Recently, for the past few days I’ve been really obsess with Wong Fu Productions’ films and MV and they really good at what they do. They just graduated out of UCSD aka University of California, San Diego last year and they became very popular around the world over these four years of their college life. This amazing production crew consist of Philip Wang, Wesley Chan and Ted Fu. (In my opinion, Philip’s the cutest and hottest guy out of the group. hehee.) Enough of that.

It all started when Philip Wang along with a couple of his roommates decided to make his first amateur music video. Being proud of themselves they posted it online to share with friends, which lead it into become something big. Around the same time, Wesley Chan and Ted Fu were also creating short video pieces of their own. Wesley was creating short films with his friends and Ted was winning awards for his amazing computer animations. Since then they were inseparable (most of the time). They created their first video together, “Senorita” base on Justin Timberlake’s song Senorita and starting from this MV the website was soon receiving hundreds of hits from within the United States and from other countries. This was the start of their career and it become something I really admire about them. Not everyone can major in what they want and be able to really carve a career out of it especially for art related majors such as film, advertising and graphic design. It also make me look down at myself in a way for giving up graphic design.

Anyway, I had really enjoy all of Wong Fu Productions’ short films and MV. I would like to present to you one of my favorite short films and MV.

Give and Take Part 1

Give and Take Part 2

Jason Mraz – I’m Yours MV

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