8 Week Weight Loss + Travel Diary – 3rd Week (Part 3)

So much happen during that week that it deserves a 3rd post to complete it. Other then being a vacation this was the main reason I was in Miami! Miami World Conference 2016! #MAWC2016 What is it? It’s a convention that updates us, unfranchise owners (entrepreneurs) of what’s the latest trend, products and newest technology that we are going to have for the upcoming year. It’s always a vision to behold.

I arrived at the American Arena at 9 AM. I missed the crowd and my team had already went in but I knew I was going to be embraced with the positive energy when I get in. Plus I was lucky enough to take a picture with this beauty.


After a very informative morning, it was time for lunch!

Day 1

For lunch, I had a chicken caesar salad from the arena and I regret eating it for 3 days because it got me really sick. >_< Tummy ache and um…. bad for the other end of me.

After lunch we came back to see La La Anthony on stage!


She is an American radio and television personality, New York Times best-selling author, business woman, producer, actress and runs a Motives Cosmetic line for women of color. She was sharing the latest colors and products on her Motives Cosmetic line. They were beautiful!

Then Loren Ridinger and Scotty Pipen came on stage!


Loren Ridinger is an amazing and down to earth person! She is the creator of Motive Cosmetics, a skincare line, an exquisite jewelry collection, a true entrepreneur and an inspiration! Without her and her husband, JR Ridinger, none of us will here. Next to her is Scotty Pipin! Even though I don’t really watch sports, I do know who he is. He plays basketball and he is one tall guy! He also endorses one of our very powerful supplement for bone and joint support for free!

After a day of listening to inspiring entrepreneurs, I grabbed a quick dinner from Subways to go, another salad, this time a turkey chopped salad.


We wrapped the night up by sharing our thoughts and awaits for the excitement of the 2nd day.



8 Week Weight Loss + Travel Diary – 3rd Week (Part 2)

It’s about time I share more pictures from my Miami trip and weight loss journey. Breakfast that 2nd morning in Miami was boring, just another scramble egg but the real fun had just began!


After breakfast we headed off to Biscayne Bay! We took the bus there. I am finally back to Sailboard Miami! I came here last year and it was fun. Highly recommend this place! The people here are extremely friendly and helpful.


Last year my instructor was Jerry but he’s only there, Mondays. Donald was our instructor this time and I like him more because he made us go out to practice on our own after teaching us the basic skills.

That was extremely fun! I did get a knee scrape and one of my feet got scratched and bleed but it was worth it! I want to see if I can try in the spring here in NYC. Next year if I were to go back, I need to bring water shoes! There were alot of rocks by the shore.


After playing such a strenuous sport, we were starving. We went back to my favorite restaurant, Niu Kitchen.

We order oysters for our starter. It was fresh but could use a spicy kick. The Wahoo Tartare was a little too light and flavorless in my opinion. Could use a tad of sesame oil to give it a richer taste. Personally I wouldn’t order it again.

Then I mistaken order another tapas dish, Cured Marlin and I was sooo glad I did. It was amazing! The smokiness of it mix with the texture was TO DIE FOR!! Yum! I hope they will have that special again when I go next year! I got the Branzino filet with jamon iberico (cured ham) and it was devine. The jamon iberico had a nice aroma and gives a meaty flavor paired with the nicely grilled fish. Perfection! *Small cheat* friend’s ribeye steak with rosemary vinaigrette was nicely done too, very juicy but I forgot to take a picture of it.

In the middle of our meal, a very nice couple sitting next to us asked if we were doing anything after dinner. We didn’t have any plans so we said, no and they offered us their extra tickets to see Motown! Their daughter and son in law can’t make it so they have extra tickets and didn’t want it to go to waste! Lucky us!


The musical was good and the performers has excellent voices. The musical is base on the story of how Berry Gordy found and ran Motown Records label. It is also about his personal and professional relationships with Motown artists such as Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, and even Michael Jackson! It was definitely interesting.

After such a exhausting but good day, I was ready to go back to my room and sleep! The next day was another fulling and exciting day! Kiteboarding!


8 Week Weight Loss + Travel Diary – 3rd Week (Part 1)

I had such an awesome vacation that I did not get to update! How was I able to do this vacation yet eat properly?! Discipline, determination and don’t cheat too much and guess what! It paid off! This morning when I check my weight I lost 10 lbs!

PhotoGrid_1455399989852 The weekend right before the trip I was trying to make snacks that I can bring with me to Miami. I found these two amazing recipes!


Eggplant chip and roasted chick peas! The Eggplant Chip recipe is by Leanne Vogel. The Spicy Baked Chickpeas recipe is by Emily Miller.

They both came out amazing. The crisp on the eggplant didn’t last as long as I wanted but was still really good in flavor. The chick peas were amazing! Pack full of flavor with a kick to it. I liked the chick pea recipe more.


Breakfast was egg again then tofu! For the rest of the weekend, my protein was steamed soft tofu with soy chili sauce. I tweak the recipe from the original recipe from Beyond Kimchee. It was simple and easy to make, and delicious to eat.


The day before my flight, I met up with a few close friends and had brunch. I LOVE Brunch and Egg Benedicts. I ordered the Florentine Egg Benedict. It have spinach instead of lox which was a change from what I usually order and it was an interesting combination. (I did skip the homemade hash but not the english muffin.) =/

For dinner, I didn’t want to cook so I only ate a container of soft tofu dessert. Technically I wasn’t suppose to eat sweets or wheat but I did cheat once in awhile… =( So bad!


Travel Diary: Las Vegas – Day 1 to 2

It was my 2nd time flying this year and my sister’s first official flying trip since she can remember. It wasn’t a bad flight (6 hrs flight). We both were extremely exhausted by the time we landed. I was sick the day before I got on the plane. Glad I pack plenty of vitamins with me!


We arrive @ Las Vegas in the evening. 6pm here is 9pm in NYC! 3 hours difference.


By the time we got back to the hotel, we were exhausted and crashed for the evening. Quite uneventfully but let the fun begin the next day!


Travel Diary: Ocean City, MD 2015

I went on weekend business trip earlier this month and its been awesome! Even though it was only 3 days but its been an awesome trip. Great food!


Crab cake sandwich! All crabmeat, the real deal!


1 lb of Alaskan’s Crab Legs! It was good but I took forever to eat it. Now that I learn a tip from Rita, next time will be so much easier and faster!


Log Jam

I haven’t written an actual restaurant review since 2011 and that one on Jewel Bako was very very short. (I am planning to revisit, Jewel Bako and write a new actual review.) When I went on my trip to Lake George, NY in June and ate at Log Jam. I told myself, it’s time to write a restaurant review. The food and everything was amazing!


The restaurant looks like a big log cabin! Very homie!


Upon entering the restaurant, you would feel like you had entered into Paul Bunyon’s home. It have three big stone fireplaces, plank floors, and rustic tables throughout the restaurant. The teddy bear at the entrance has Log and Jam stitched to it’s feet. So cute! (My face is super red because I had some white wine.)


Audrey’s Concerto

An actual cafe have open up right in my neighborhood for almost a yr now and I’ve been loving it since it opened! August 4th marks, it’s first year anniversary! Congrats!

I fell instantly in love with this place. This location used to be a computer repair shop and sell Yugioh cards. It has been transformed into a modern pastry cafe. Everyday they serve different sweets and cakes.

I like the design of the logo. The logo reminds me of a sunny day in a meadow. The globe on top is the sun and the circles and oval around is the flowers and leaves.

I also like the interior design and setting. It’s very comforting and cozy with individual couches on one side and the wood table and chairs on the other side. It is a great to be here on a rainy day or any day for dessert. (There’s Donald in the picture. He practically lives there! lol. He goes almost every day.)

The best part of it is they serve ALL DAY BRUNCH!

Brunch Collage

I love eating brunch food. It will be amazing if they start serving egg benedict. Yum. My favorite so far had been the waffle with fresh fruits. The banana pancake and green tea waffle with ice cream had been their latest addition.

This was another one of my favorite, Sausage Special but it was only served for a limited amount of time. Classic apple chicken, Irish banger and Guinness beer bart with egg, croissant and side salad.  They should definitely bring this special back.


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