Rocksbox + One Month Free Coupon

Hi! I’m taking a break from talking about Miami but I definitely still have more to share from that trip, something artistic and erotic…. Today I want to share about my experience using Rocksbox. I’m not getting paid to share about it, I just want to share my experience.

What is Rocksbox? It’s a jewelry subscription service. For just $19 a month you have unlimited access to try designer brand jewelry ranging from earrings to necklaces to rings. You get 3 pieces of designer jewelry to wear on loan and you can return it at anytime to get 3 new pieces and as many times as you want in a month at no additional cost! Each set is worth an average of $200 so definitely not low quality jewelry. Usually you can even wear all 3 pieces together.

It arrives in the mail in a bubble bag with this beautiful box inside! I love the ribbon design. It’s like unwrapping a gift each time!


Inside the box it comes with a personalize note with a list of what’s inside your box and how much each item will cost if you were to buy it. They have an insider price which is cheaper then the retail price. If you are lucky you may catch a sale at a retailer store of that item but most likely not. I have tried looking up the items (6 items out of 2 sets of box) that I have received and I only found one item that was on sale at Saks. You also recieve $10 off any item you decide to buy that month.


It is wrapped nicely in a black and white zig zag pattern tissue paper.


After I opened it voila! Each item is wrapped individually in a small pouch by their company with a bubble wrap or a clear bag protecting it. I love the individual pouches, if I were to carry it around I would use the pouches.

Left Top: Slate Total Eclipse Cuff – Retail: $39

Left Bottom: Kendra Scott Sophee Drop Earring in Gold – Retail: $50

Right: Gorjana DIY Necklace with Arrow Chain in Gold – Retail: $75


I love each individual piece of jewelry! The Slate Total Eclipse Cuff was simple yet elegant. It fits in easily with my style and clothing however I have a very small wrist. It moves around too much for me and is too loose even after I adjust it. STATUS: Return

I love how the Kendra Scott Sophee Drop Earring in Gold can be paired together with Gorjana’s DIY Necklace with Arrow Chain in Gold. It looks great together! I love the earrings! It’s really simple and not heavy at all being that it’s hollow in the middle. I can wear it styled up with a suit or down with a party dress. STATUS: Return I return it simply because I want to explore more before I spend money buying a piece. I might go back and buy it in the future because I do love it.

The Gorjana’s DIY Necklace with Arrow Chain in Gold is delicate with a refined touch. The length is perfect for me and the small detail of the arrow chain is cute and can be a timeless piece. Being that this is a DIY necklace, I can replace the Arrow Chain with something else and can mix and match. However, I am a person who have bolder taste and would prefer it to have some bolder color or statement. If I receive another DIY necklace from Gorjana that is a bit bolder I might keep it. STATUS: Return


Even though I return every piece in this box, it’s okay. After I returned this box, 5 days later I got a new box in the mail! Will share the contents in the next box soon.

How did I returned it? When I recieve the first box it comes with a prepaid label that you can put back on the bubble bag, reseal it and drop it into any USPS mailbox and voila! Your done!


Last but not least I do have a code to try this subscription box for a month for FREE. If you are interested in try it out for a month for FREE, please leave a comment!

Also what of jewelry do like to wear?


New Look, New Me

I have been complaining about my hair for the past month but never have a chance to go get it done due to my busy schedule until my sister said she wanted to get a haircut too. After rescheduling a few times, we finally made it out yesterday to go to my favorite hair stylist, Billy to get it done.

I didn’t know exactly what I want.  I was thinking maybe something like this:


Or this?

(photo credit to

He said, no, it doesn’t work on you. It’s only for people with straight hair and its not his style to do it.

I know I didn’t want to dye my hair yet since its been recovering nicely since I started using, Fixx Shampoo and Conditioner. I do know I want something completely different so he did this on me instead!

Me 01

Me 02

I never ever had my hair cut to be this short before but I loved it!!

Final Me

Here it is complete with some makeup. What do you think? Next time I might dye it to some outrageous color but still suitable for work. What’s the wildest thing you have done to your hair?

Makeup I Can’t Live Without

I haven’t updated my blog in so long that its really about time that I started again. I miss the time I spend sharing the things I love here, food, restaurant, products and life in general. I have made a major change in my life this year by starting my business and I love ever aspect of it, the teamwork, the people I meet and I can continue to share what I love.

Over the past year, I have really picked up on using makeup on a more daily basics. Except I can’t use it for another week or two due to an infection on my undereye but I’m going to share with you all the pretty looks I have been posting on Facebook and Instagram.

Collage 01

Collage 02

Collage 03

After discovering and using this custom blend foundation, I haven’t use any other brand of foundation ever since. I have very oily skin and tons of redness and acne scars. I used to use a combination of foundations and oil control. I would put layers after layers of product onto my face. Sometimes in order to cover the redness and acne, I would completely caked my face with products. When I get lazy, I would use BB cream and my sister would tell me I look like a ghost because after the BB cream oxidize it gives off a white undertone.

Instagram Pic 02

Instagram Pic 01

Now I go for a more natural look and only cover a majority of my redness and acne scars with a foundation that is custom made for my skin tone and it contains oil control, sunscreen and gives off a matte finish.


Two or more bottles of product vs one bottle of custom foundation. Which would you prefer? Is these two products equal to or the same as using one custom blend foundation? Not to me.

It cuts down my application time and I lose the cakiness I feel from using layers of products. I can’t live without it now. What makeup product or skincare product you can’t live without?

HauteLook Shoe Haul

I did some major shoe shopping on HauteLook – Nordstrom. The under $25 shoes sale page were ransacked by me and I brought some amazing boots and a flat for amazing prices!



Mixx Shuz Drew Flats – Brought for $15

The flats fit perfect but I’m not sure if I like the gold tips on the bow or hate them.



Pinky Sky Studded Lace-Up – Brought for $22

One of my favorites from this haul. It has a thick rubber sole. It’s perfect, since I have a tendency to walk in a way where the shoe soles eats away. I love zippers and studs. The gold studs at the back was a nice detail. The zipper in the back, made it very easy to wear.


Black Friday – Fashion and Beauty Haul

On Black Friday, I did some major shopping. This first item was not brought by me but a Christmas and early birthday gift.


It’s a purple Uniquo down jacket from my friend, Alina. The deep hood is perfect for this weather, it keeps all the wind out. It’s 90% down which keeps me warm and cozy! It wasn’t on sale but it was perfect! Retail: $99.90 Right now on Uniquo it’s on sale for $89.90! But they don’t have this fabulous color online.


I also got these beautiful Fossil bi-fold wallets in Rose Gold and Navy Glitter from Macy’s. I just love how sparkly and bright these colors are. The size is perfect for party use. Retail: $35 – 20% = $30 each


Handbag Collection – Hart, Foley and Corinna, Lauren Merkin

I have brought many hand bags since I started college and I now own a pretty extensive collection ranging from every day use to party clutches. Brands such as Coach, Rebecca Minkoff, Foley & Corinna, Gucci, Lauren Merkin, and Hart. Some of these brands are popular while others you might never have heard of. When I love a specific brand, I would love it so much that I would own several bags by that brand.

I’ll start off with the latest addition in my collection from Lavina Joe called Hart. This specific one is the Artery Mini and I also got the Baby Pouch. It comes in Classic Red and Retro Brown. I felt instantly in love with the bag when I saw the Kickstarter project. (Kickstarter is a website that gives people “A new way to fund creative projects.” Anything from food to electronics.) The classic red is sooo beautiful. The leather used for it was super soft. I don’t own any red handbags, this is my first one. It match perfectly with a lot of classic and simple looks.

Hart Bag Hart Pouch

I almost wore it to my cousin’s wedding. However, my friend, Wendy felt like it’s not sophisticated/lady enough to match the dress for the evening, therefore I didn’t use it.

Me 01 IMAG2674-1

(My Attire: Purple Chiffon High-Low Dress – Coup De Coeur Boutique, Black Wedges – Nine West, Lavendar Necklace – Bauble Bar, Gold Oval Earring – Alexis Bittar)

Group Pic

However, I did use it when I went to see Matilda with my co-workers. This handbag is not yet out to the public yet. The Kickstarter project took place in April 2013. I received it in July. It will be retailing for $129.


Broadway Show – Matilda

For the past few years I have been watching more and more Broadway shows especially musicals. Earlier this year, Matilda was opened on Broadway. (It was opened on April 11.) I had never read the book before but after reading the summary about it, I wanted to see it. It has been one of the best musicals I have seen this year, following Wicked and Cinderella. Matilda is being performed at Shubert Theatre (225 West 44th St.) and is 2 hrs and 35 mins long.

Matilda Sign

Matilda is based on a children’s book written by Roald Dahl. The story follows Matilda Wormwood, a bright little girl who loves books. She is discarded and ignored by her ignorant and dimwitted parents. Her mother is obsess with dancing and competition, her father insists on calling her a boy and yells at her for her preference to read books instead of watching television, and a brother who barely speaks. Above all that there is also her hostile headmistress, Miss Trunchbull. Miss Honey, the teacher is the only one who care about Matilda. Her love toward Matilda gave her a chance to dream of a better life.

With such attractive characters, this story will fill your heart with love and sadness. Matilda’s imagination is out of the world and brings great delight to everyone. For this particular night, the little girl who enacted as Matilda was Sophia Gennusa. At a young age of 9, she already have a strong voice. It was full of joy, energy and mischievous. She also must had excellent memory for she is the highlight of the show and have a gazillion lines to remember and sing. This young child has great potential. She is not the only one who enacts Matilda, 3 other young girls rotates the role.

From left, Sophia Gennusa, Bailey Ryon, Oona Laurence and Milly Shapiro, the four actresses who play the title role in “Matilda.”

Photo Credit to New York Times, April 26th Arts Beat Article



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