8 Week Weight Loss Challenge -2nd Week (Day 8 to 12)

Sorry about the updates! Last week feels super long at work since I’m going on vacation this week. So one big post for this past week. I ate a lot of the food I prepare over the weekend and it certainly helps since I get home late most of the time.

I’ve been making one version or another of an omelette.


This one was Monday’s, 3 egg white, spinach and pepper. I saved the egg yolks. I think this was the best looking omelette I’ve made since I started the challenge.


Lunch was a salad with corn, avocado, pepper and of course the chicken breast I made over the weekend. I forgot to make my own dressing so I used just lemon juice, not the best option by itself.


In the evening, I end up trying to steam the egg yolks I had left from earlier. The results were not that good. It was too watery. I thought it was because I didn’t steam it for long enough. I still ate one and the next morning (Tuesday) I steamed the other two for longer, same results. =( Will have to change up the recipe to get better results.



8 Week Weight Loss Challenge – Day 1 & 2

Yesterday was the first day of my 8 Week Challenge! It’s off to a good start! For this challenge, I incorporated something called the 21 Day Challenge. First week is to complete a detox with 7 Day Cleanse kit that contains fiber, Hepatocleanse tablets and release tablets which helps cleanse the liver, gastrointestinal tract and fiber as everyone knows helps normal your bowel movements. The 7 weeks following it are portioned to have a balance of vegetable, fruits and lean protein.

Enough about the technical stuff here is a pic of my food shopping for the week.


Yesterday, Monday was my first day and I woke up late. I only had 2 servings of fruit for breakfast and I was out. (I had another container of this as today’s snack.)


I didn’t really get to eat throughout the day but in the evening I made a big batch of brussels sprouts and mushroom and ate a quarter of it for dinner.


Then this morning I woke up extra early to make scrabble eggs with pepper and mushrooms.


For lunch I ate the rest of the brussels sprouts and mushrooms. Tonight since I have to be in Flushing, I stopped by Paris Baguettes and brought a grill chicken and mango salad. It was good but the mango was really crisp and sour… =/


Tomorrow is another new day and must prepare another days’ worth of food. Till tomorrow!

Baking Class: Macaron

I have always loved desserts. Desserts to me is the main course. Over the past year, I have grown to love macarons. It all started with Audrey’s Concerto‘s macarons. Since then I had always wanted to learn to make my own batch. It’s expensive buying macarons in the city. Audrey’s Concerto sells the small ones for $1.75 and big ones for $2.50.

Small Macaron

Big Macaron

After some research, I came across Sur La Table which offers a macaron making class called, Vive Le Macaron for $69. They don’t offer this class often and I immediately signed up for it.

Sur La Table Sign


Sur La Table had a spacious kitchen for their cooking class and we all worked in groups of 3 or 4. I worked with a couple, Alisa and Brian.


The first batch of macaron we were making were Strawberry with Champagne Buttercream. The almond flour, powered sugar and strawberry powder was already mixed by a food processor into a fine powder form. We went ahead to make the french meringue (Room temperature egg whites being whipped with a high percentage of sugar).

Meringue Step w:o Food Coloring Pefect Peak

We wanted the meringue to be stiff, firm, and have a glossy peaked form.

Meringue Step w: Food Coloring

We then added the food coloring and whisked it a little more to create the perfect peak!


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