8 Week Weight Loss + Travel Diary – 3rd Week (Part 3)

So much happen during that week that it deserves a 3rd post to complete it. Other then being a vacation this was the main reason I was in Miami! Miami World Conference 2016! #MAWC2016 What is it? It’s a convention that updates us, unfranchise owners (entrepreneurs) of what’s the latest trend, products and newest technology that we are going to have for the upcoming year. It’s always a vision to behold.

I arrived at the American Arena at 9 AM. I missed the crowd and my team had already went in but I knew I was going to be embraced with the positive energy when I get in. Plus I was lucky enough to take a picture with this beauty.


After a very informative morning, it was time for lunch!

Day 1

For lunch, I had a chicken caesar salad from the arena and I regret eating it for 3 days because it got me really sick. >_< Tummy ache and um…. bad for the other end of me.

After lunch we came back to see La La Anthony on stage!


She is an American radio and television personality, New York Times best-selling author, business woman, producer, actress and runs a Motives Cosmetic line for women of color. She was sharing the latest colors and products on her Motives Cosmetic line. They were beautiful!

Then Loren Ridinger and Scotty Pipen came on stage!


Loren Ridinger is an amazing and down to earth person! She is the creator of Motive Cosmetics, a skincare line, an exquisite jewelry collection, a true entrepreneur and an inspiration! Without her and her husband, JR Ridinger, none of us will here. Next to her is Scotty Pipin! Even though I don’t really watch sports, I do know who he is. He plays basketball and he is one tall guy! He also endorses one of our very powerful supplement for bone and joint support for free!

After a day of listening to inspiring entrepreneurs, I grabbed a quick dinner from Subways to go, another salad, this time a turkey chopped salad.


We wrapped the night up by sharing our thoughts and awaits for the excitement of the 2nd day.



Memories of 2012

A whole year had pass and it was full of great memories. Looking back at 2012, it was a great year with family and friends. Discovered new places to go. Made new friends and created more memories to treasure.

Birthdays with family members. Being together with family is the most important.


Alice Birthday 2012

Alice’s birthday with our parents there to celebrate.

Birthday Cake and Samuel

(It wasn’t Samuel’s birthday but my grandma’s! But he sure seem to enjoy it the most. lol)

The one and only concert that I went to in March, Michael Liang’s.


It would had been a great concert if 1) We had better seats. Though my friend and I did sneak up a couple of rows and if 2) The female artist didn’t sing as much. She sang for almost half the concert length.

Autograph CD

The best part of that night was being able to purchase an autograph CD! I also brought one as a gift for my best friend, Donald.


International Secret Agents Concert

I really can’t wait till tomorrow night to attend the International Secret Agents (ISA) Concert! It’s their first ISA Concert in NYC. I’ve been waiting for this day since their first ISA Concert back in 2008. I hope I won’t be disappointed. I am saying that because the venue is very small AND IT IS A SOLD OUT CONCERT! Will the venue be able to fit all these fans? Hope so.

This year’s lineup is good but not the best. I was hoping Magnetic North will be part of it this year since they live in NYC and they were at the first ISA Concert but no, they are not going to be there. Otherwise the lineup will be perfect.

David Choi (photo credit to davidchoimusic.com)

Jennifer Chung (photo credit to Melly Lee at ocweekly.com)

Lydia Paek – Quest Dance Crew member (photo credit to hypnoticasia.com)

David Choi, Jennifer Chung, Lydia Paek all have a strong vocal. Can’t wait to see how well they will perform tomorrow. I also can’t wait to check out Quest Dance Crew’s dance moves. It’s going to be so hot!


Wong Fu Productions Spring 2010 Tour – Columbia University, NYC

This event actually happened a few months ago on a very very special Sunday night. I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time now but never had the chance to completely finish it. I’ve been a Wong Fu Productions fan for a long time and naturally I tried to attend every tour event they had held in NYC.

This event was hosted at Alfred Lerner Hall at Columbia University. It was my first time stepping foot onto Columbia campus. I loved how big the campus was and how everything was centered in a park atmosphere.

I actually saw the Wong Fu Productions crew trio before stepping into the lecture hall but I didn’t get a chance to say hi to them. This should be my 4th time attending their events. I was excited to see them in NYC again, but I wasn’t as excited as people who were about to see them for the first time. There was a big round of screams and applauses when Wes, Phil and Ted enter the lecture hall. I didn’t go crazy but I was just as happy and excited.

Ted, Phil, and Wes went about setting up their equipments and as they were setting up I went up to Ted to say hi and he recognize me right away! I am extremely happy that he still recognize me after all these years (they do see over thousands of people every year from touring).

They show a few upcoming shorts and a MV to us and my favorite will have to be “When Five Fell” which was release last month.

It is about how 5 objects: Glasses, Cup, Umbrella, Scarf and Telephone fell in and out of love with the girl. I like that Wes started the short from the floor view/angle. It gives us something completely different to look and start at. I love how the entire short was filmed (angles, lighting and shadows). The music that was used throughout the short really help bring out the mood. I love how Wes used the objects to portray the different senses and stages of a relationship. It gave us something to observe, absorb and think about. Out of all the Wong Fu Productions short’, this has became my favorite.

After a long Q+A, there was a huge line of fans waiting and wanting to take pictures and autographs with them including me. I won’t miss an opportunity to add another group picture with them to my Wong Fu Productions photo album. It was a very fun night.

New Years Day (Part 1) – Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

SPOILER: This is as if I am giving you an entire tour of the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. If you plan to go, you might not want to go through the entire blog entry. Very very long one too.

I had a very fun and enjoyable New Years Eve and Day. It was one of the best New Years Eve and Day as of now. I spend my New Years Eve with Wendy, Alina, and Alice at home hot potting and enjoying an old-time movie, The Tuxedo. We talked and ate and had a full and wonderful night. It was a very uneventful evening but it was a lot of fun to just hang out and chill like old times. They even slept over like old times.

New Years Day was very eventful, unlike New Years Eve. I met up with Amanda and Jessica at around 11am and ate a quick breakfast. Afterward we started on our long day of events. First off, we went to visit the MADAME TUSSAUDS WAX MUSEUM.

We start off the tour of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum with a very famous television host, Oprah Winfrey.

We took turns taking pictures of each other with the celebrities. Most of the time I was posing just like the wax statues. We took almost 200 photos.

Then we met up with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. I really don’t think Brad Pitt is that handsome. I saw a lot of guys hanging all over Angelina Jolie’s wax figure and ignoring Brad Pitt’s. lol

I love the pictures we took with Jim Carrey! I love the pose we did! ^.^ It’s my favorite photo!

I never thought Amanda would be the same height as Jennifer Aniston. I like her movies.

Uh hmm… On a date with Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio. lol Though, Leonardo ain’t cute anymore. He was so cute and dreamy in Titanic.

I think they did a horrible job on Jennifer Lopez. It really does not look like her. One of the worst wax figures.

So comfortable sitting in Julia Roberts’ chair.

After seeing Miley Cyrus, I wish I went to her concert in November 2009. I could have been really jamming to her music.

Laughing along with Marilyn Monroe in her poster.

Benjamin Franklin and President Andrew Jackson should really smile. They don’t need to be so serious.

If I remember correctly this should be Madame Tussauds. There was another smaller and older statue of her on the other side. She was just gently laying her hat on my head.

Pointing at the bad President George W Bush. He should have done his job as President well.

Hillary, Bill Clinton and Amanda waving at us, to the proud citizens of USA.

Princess Diana looks nice in her long red dress and heels.

Mirror images pose of me and the weird scientist, Albert Einstein.

Jessica raising the flag with the firefighters. Long live America!

President Barack Obama and I enjoying the view from the Oval Office.

We are on our way to the Pop Stars section downstairs.

Jessica is chilling with the young version of Madonna.

Jessica playing the drums with the Jonas Brothers.

Go Go Girls power with Lindsay Lohen.

Singing with Jessica Simpson at the wax museum! ^.^ I love her pose and she is one of the prettiest and most realistic wax statue.

Grring with tall and skinny, Dracula. I am going to get you!

Amanda enjoying a boxing match with heavyweight boxer, Muhammad Ali.

Marilyn Monroe‘s dress is so shiny, pretty and bright red. She really got curves.

Amanda is getting cooking tips from Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy.

Landing on the moon with astronauts, Neil Alden Armstrong and Edwin Eugene ‘Buzz’ Aldrin, Jr.

Look! I’m stealing one of Mark Spitz gold medal! lol He had 7, he can spare me one.

Getting friendly with NSYNC.

Amanda and I enjoying ourself on the American Idol stage.

Hanging out with Amelia Earhart, Napoleon, and Abraham Lincoln from Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.

Wow. Yao Ming is a walking giant (This is base on his real size). Jessica, you sure you can grab the basketball from him? lol

Argg! Help! The Hulk got us!

Not to worry! Superman is here to save you!

Annnnddd, the award goes to Donna Wong!!!

To end this visit to Madame Mussaud’s Wax Museum we saw a Wall of Hands.
-all photos credited to Amanda’s camera

Hins’ Classics Night Concert @ Atlantic City

I spend my Thanksgiving Eve @ Atlantic City’s Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort to see Hins’ Classics Night Concert (張敬軒 “軒”動心情之旅).

I went to the concert with Amanda and my sis. We met up with some of my family (the ones who are living in Phllly) at Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort where they got 2 free hotel rooms (same goes for their concert ticket). They can go straight to sleep after the concert. Too bad I need to come back to work the next day otherwise I would have stayed. =/

Priscilla was at the concert too. She was sitting in the first row with her friends. I was sitting in the second row right behind her.

Everlyn was there too. She was sitting on the other side of the arena.

He starts off by singing two English songs. His English was very good for someone who wasn’t an ABC. His English was as good as someone who was born and studied in the USA.

Hins was playing the piano for one of his song. He looks very cute playing the piano. He also played it really well.

At some point during the concert they lighted up the back of the stage with a lot of little lights as if there were a million stars in the sky. It was very pretty.

Below are just some photos I have taken throughout the concert:

Special guest artist, Mona (孟楠). I had no idea who she is and she looks very old. Hins said he known her for 10 yrs. That makes him 18 when he met her. She sang a Mandarin song. She can sing really high and long beats.

For the entire concert he only changed his costume twice. I was very surprise by this. In all the other Asian concerts that I have been to the artist would change costumes multiply times. Both of Hins costumes were sparkling suits. One was pink and the other was white.

He took off the white suit and he had on a black vest on for the encore. He looked extremely cute in it. People were very high on Hins, he had to encore a 2nd time. ^,^

During the concert he was very amusing. He was making a lot of funny jokes. It really crack us up. He told the audience that he is sweating a lot and needs a pack of tissue. Then he made an attempt to come down to shake hands but there was way too many people trying to get near him. He had to go back on stage. Someone gave him a pack of tissue and he made a joke about being worried that a lot females going through their hand bags looking for packs of stuff (meaning sanitation pack) and will give him that instead. He said, it’s alright, I’ll still use it. lol.

Since he wasn’t able to get off the stage to shake hands, he faced the audience in all directions and extend his arm in a shaking hand position pretending to shake everyone’s hand. In between songs he thank a lot of people. He also thank the audience and bow to us. Overall, he did a good job. It could have been more interesting though. I think he made a good effort to make it interesting.

I haven’t finish going through all the pictures (400+). Will update with a link in the near future.

Hins’ Classics Night Concert (張敬軒 “軒”動心情之旅)
Location: Mark G. Etess Arena @ Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort
Date/Time: November 26, 2009 @ 1AM

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