I love yogurts! I just had one this morning as a matter of fact. I used to buy all types and brands of yogurt as long as its on sale but then I realize it wasn’t the smartest move. Why? Because I found out that not all yogurts are created equal, not just the brand but also the type.

After listening to a health seminar by a nutritionist, I found out that 2 yogurts CAN contain sugar that equal to 2 doughnuts?! I was shocked! I realize that I never used to read the nutrition label of the yogurts that I buy till now.


(Credit to Red Bookmag)

Some yogurt’s sugar content can go up to 22g of sugar or more! That is the same amount of sugar in a 1.66oz of Snicker bar! That’s really outrageous! We may think we are eating healthy by choosing yogurt but it may not necessarily be true until we read the nutrition label. In that case, would you rather eat a Yoplait yogurt or eat the chocolaty Snicker bar that can possible be even healthier then eating the Yoplait yogurt?


(credit to The Skeptical Cardiologist)

You can also read about Dr. Pearson’s view comparing the health factors of a Yoplait yogurt compare with a Snicker here.


Many flavored yogurts in the market contains a lot of sugar whether its Greek yogurt, non fat yogurt or even organic yogurt. It really depends on it’s target audience.

You make think, okay, in that case I should go for non fancy flavor like Vanilla or just plain yogurt but even that can contain a lot of sugar. Nutrition Detective compared Chobani’s Greek Vanilla flavor yogurt with Yoplait Light and found that Chobani’s Greek Vanilla yogurt contains 13 g while Yoplait Light contains 15 g. That is still 2 g less in comparison with Yoplait Light.

Take this Dannon’s Light and Fit Greek yogurt for example. I don’t count calories when I eat but to people who do, they can see that this yogurt only contains 80 calories and would purchase it. I prefer to look at the sugar content and what the first two key ingredient is.


Even though this specific yogurt is Raspberry Chocolate it only contains 7 g of sugar! Compare to other leading brands of the same flavor (or similar) it can contain up to 22 g of sugar.

Sometimes the best option is to go with plain favor Greek yogurt. But then why Greek yogurt and not plain old fashion yogurt? When I was comparing Chobani’s Greek Yogurt with Yoplait Light earlier, you can see that the sugar content is slight less. Not just that but also because Greek yogurt can give us double the amount of protein we need and half the carbohydrates of a regular yogurt. We feel fuller faster. It’s especially helpful to vegetarians who may lack protein. The fat found in a Greek yogurt may differ compare to regular yogurt. It depending on the brand you purchase. A full fat Fage Greek yogurt can contain 16 g of saturated fat while Dannon’s regular yogurt contains only 5 g of saturated fat. Greek yogurt also contains less sodium in comparison. (Fact Source)

Even between other leading brands of Greek Yogurt they’re still not equally the same.

Greek Yogurt comparison

(credit to Lean It Up)

I personally prefer Chobani and Sigg’s.

Yogurt is also well know for containing probiotic (a good bacteria similar to the ones living in our digestive tract) but not all yogurts contain it. These beneficial bugs have been shown to help with digestion and gut health. Not only does some yogurts not contain probiotics – “live and active cultures,” but how do we know for sure they are still actively alive in the yogurts. When these yogurts are transported from manufacturers to our local stores, is it really kept at a temperature where all the probiotics stay alive? We really don’t know. You may still get some probiotics from these yogurts but it’s always good to also take probiotic pills or digestive enzymes with probiotics to give our body the extra probiotic it needs. It doesn’t hurt to have more. I personally prefer these.

Which brand or type of yogurt would you purchase now?


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