I love yogurts! I just had one this morning as a matter of fact. I used to buy all types and brands of yogurt as long as its on sale but then I realize it wasn’t the smartest move. Why? Because I found out that not all yogurts are created equal, not just the brand but also the type.

After listening to a health seminar by a nutritionist, I found out that 2 yogurts CAN contain sugar that equal to 2 doughnuts?! I was shocked! I realize that I never used to read the nutrition label of the yogurts that I buy till now.


(Credit to Red Bookmag)

Some yogurt’s sugar content can go up to 22g of sugar or more! That is the same amount of sugar in a 1.66oz of Snicker bar! That’s really outrageous! We may think we are eating healthy by choosing yogurt but it may not necessarily be true until we read the nutrition label. In that case, would you rather eat a Yoplait yogurt or eat the chocolaty Snicker bar that can possible be even healthier then eating the Yoplait yogurt?


(credit to The Skeptical Cardiologist)

You can also read about Dr. Pearson’s view comparing the health factors of a Yoplait yogurt compare with a Snicker here.


Many flavored yogurts in the market contains a lot of sugar whether its Greek yogurt, non fat yogurt or even organic yogurt. It really depends on it’s target audience.

You make think, okay, in that case I should go for non fancy flavor like Vanilla or just plain yogurt but even that can contain a lot of sugar. Nutrition Detective compared Chobani’s Greek Vanilla flavor yogurt with Yoplait Light and found that Chobani’s Greek Vanilla yogurt contains 13 g while Yoplait Light contains 15 g. That is still 2 g less in comparison with Yoplait Light.



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Rocksbox + One Month Free Coupon

Hi! I’m taking a break from talking about Miami but I definitely still have more to share from that trip, something artistic and erotic…. Today I want to share about my experience using Rocksbox. I’m not getting paid to share about it, I just want to share my experience.

What is Rocksbox? It’s a jewelry subscription service. For just $19 a month you have unlimited access to try designer brand jewelry ranging from earrings to necklaces to rings. You get 3 pieces of designer jewelry to wear on loan and you can return it at anytime to get 3 new pieces and as many times as you want in a month at no additional cost! Each set is worth an average of $200 so definitely not low quality jewelry. Usually you can even wear all 3 pieces together.

It arrives in the mail in a bubble bag with this beautiful box inside! I love the ribbon design. It’s like unwrapping a gift each time!


Inside the box it comes with a personalize note with a list of what’s inside your box and how much each item will cost if you were to buy it. They have an insider price which is cheaper then the retail price. If you are lucky you may catch a sale at a retailer store of that item but most likely not. I have tried looking up the items (6 items out of 2 sets of box) that I have received and I only found one item that was on sale at Saks. You also recieve $10 off any item you decide to buy that month.


It is wrapped nicely in a black and white zig zag pattern tissue paper.


After I opened it voila! Each item is wrapped individually in a small pouch by their company with a bubble wrap or a clear bag protecting it. I love the individual pouches, if I were to carry it around I would use the pouches.

Left Top: Slate Total Eclipse Cuff – Retail: $39

Left Bottom: Kendra Scott Sophee Drop Earring in Gold – Retail: $50

Right: Gorjana DIY Necklace with Arrow Chain in Gold – Retail: $75


I love each individual piece of jewelry! The Slate Total Eclipse Cuff was simple yet elegant. It fits in easily with my style and clothing however I have a very small wrist. It moves around too much for me and is too loose even after I adjust it. STATUS: Return

I love how the Kendra Scott Sophee Drop Earring in Gold can be paired together with Gorjana’s DIY Necklace with Arrow Chain in Gold. It looks great together! I love the earrings! It’s really simple and not heavy at all being that it’s hollow in the middle. I can wear it styled up with a suit or down with a party dress. STATUS: Return I return it simply because I want to explore more before I spend money buying a piece. I might go back and buy it in the future because I do love it.

The Gorjana’s DIY Necklace with Arrow Chain in Gold is delicate with a refined touch. The length is perfect for me and the small detail of the arrow chain is cute and can be a timeless piece. Being that this is a DIY necklace, I can replace the Arrow Chain with something else and can mix and match. However, I am a person who have bolder taste and would prefer it to have some bolder color or statement. If I receive another DIY necklace from Gorjana that is a bit bolder I might keep it. STATUS: Return


Even though I return every piece in this box, it’s okay. After I returned this box, 5 days later I got a new box in the mail! Will share the contents in the next box soon.

How did I returned it? When I recieve the first box it comes with a prepaid label that you can put back on the bubble bag, reseal it and drop it into any USPS mailbox and voila! Your done!


Last but not least I do have a code to try this subscription box for a month for FREE. If you are interested in try it out for a month for FREE, please leave a comment!

Also what of jewelry do like to wear?