8 Week Weight Loss + Travel Diary – 3rd Week (Part 2)

It’s about time I share more pictures from my Miami trip and weight loss journey. Breakfast that 2nd morning in Miami was boring, just another scramble egg but the real fun had just began!


After breakfast we headed off to Biscayne Bay! We took the bus there. I am finally back to Sailboard Miami! I came here last year and it was fun. Highly recommend this place! The people here are extremely friendly and helpful.


Last year my instructor was Jerry but he’s only there, Mondays. Donald was our instructor this time and I like him more because he made us go out to practice on our own after teaching us the basic skills.

That was extremely fun! I did get a knee scrape and one of my feet got scratched and bleed but it was worth it! I want to see if I can try in the spring here in NYC. Next year if I were to go back, I need to bring water shoes! There were alot of rocks by the shore.


After playing such a strenuous sport, we were starving. We went back to my favorite restaurant, Niu Kitchen.

We order oysters for our starter. It was fresh but could use a spicy kick. The Wahoo Tartare was a little too light and flavorless in my opinion. Could use a tad of sesame oil to give it a richer taste. Personally I wouldn’t order it again.

Then I mistaken order another tapas dish, Cured Marlin and I was sooo glad I did. It was amazing! The smokiness of it mix with the texture was TO DIE FOR!! Yum! I hope they will have that special again when I go next year! I got the Branzino filet with jamon iberico (cured ham) and it was devine. The jamon iberico had a nice aroma and gives a meaty flavor paired with the nicely grilled fish. Perfection! *Small cheat* friend’s ribeye steak with rosemary vinaigrette was nicely done too, very juicy but I forgot to take a picture of it.

In the middle of our meal, a very nice couple sitting next to us asked if we were doing anything after dinner. We didn’t have any plans so we said, no and they offered us their extra tickets to see Motown! Their daughter and son in law can’t make it so they have extra tickets and didn’t want it to go to waste! Lucky us!


The musical was good and the performers has excellent voices. The musical is base on the story of how Berry Gordy found and ran Motown Records label. It is also about his personal and professional relationships with Motown artists such as Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, and even Michael Jackson! It was definitely interesting.

After such a exhausting but good day, I was ready to go back to my room and sleep! The next day was another fulling and exciting day! Kiteboarding!

I woke up the next morning and made myself a non-blender smoothie of banana, pineapple and vanilla flavored nutrition shake. Not as good as if it was really blended but still good enough and then off we go! We took the bus to Collins Avenue to Miami Beach. Weather was perfect for kiteboarding!


(At this point of the trip, I wasn’t weighting myself yet but I believe I lost 7 to 8 lbs.) The best part was we brought a deal and save extra money and it fund my shopping annuity! The deal is still going on Groupon. It was so worth it! $90 for 2 people! The introductory class ended up being 2 hours! After we finish the introductory class, we put in an additional hour each to practice some more!


By the time we finish kiteboarding, we were super hungry! Time to eat a late lunch. We headed over to Sushi Samba. It’s Japanese mixed with Latin American food.

We ordered Mushroom Tobanyaki which contains garlic chip, poached organic egg and wild Japanese mushrooms. Apparently my friend didn’t like mushroom that much so I pretty much ate the whole plate. Texture and flavor was good however by the end of the dish, it was too oily! Another appetizer, I ordered was Organic Chicken Skewers and it came with  Peruvian corn. I was not crazy about the Peruvian corn, the kernels were big and hard! The chicken skewers itself was good, juicy and soft. Yum.

As for my main course, I got lucky. This restaurant allows you to order the rolls without the rice! Sticking to my regimen, as close as I can! I ordered the Rainbow Dragon and Pacific roll. The Rainbow Dragon roll got freshwater eel, red bell pepper, cucumber, mango and avocado. Yum. The Pacific roll got  king crab, avocado, asian pear, soy paper, wasabi-avocado crema. Double the yum!

After this fulling meal, we went souvenir shopping!


I of course also brought myself something…. hehee.


To end the night, I got a papaya drink at the local diner. It was suppose to be 100% fresh juice and it didn’t feel quite so fresh… The next morning before heading off to the biggest event of the of year I made myself a omelette with mushrooms for a great start of a year.







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  1. Bobby
    Mar 23, 2016 @ 15:30:58

    such an exquisite storyteller 🙂


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