8 Week Weight Loss + Travel Diary – 3rd Week (Part 1)

I had such an awesome vacation that I did not get to update! How was I able to do this vacation yet eat properly?! Discipline, determination and don’t cheat too much and guess what! It paid off! This morning when I check my weight I lost 10 lbs!

PhotoGrid_1455399989852 The weekend right before the trip I was trying to make snacks that I can bring with me to Miami. I found these two amazing recipes!


Eggplant chip and roasted chick peas! The Eggplant Chip recipe is by Leanne Vogel. The Spicy Baked Chickpeas recipe is by Emily Miller.

They both came out amazing. The crisp on the eggplant didn’t last as long as I wanted but was still really good in flavor. The chick peas were amazing! Pack full of flavor with a kick to it. I liked the chick pea recipe more.


Breakfast was egg again then tofu! For the rest of the weekend, my protein was steamed soft tofu with soy chili sauce. I tweak the recipe from the original recipe from Beyond Kimchee. It was simple and easy to make, and delicious to eat.


The day before my flight, I met up with a few close friends and had brunch. I LOVE Brunch and Egg Benedicts. I ordered the Florentine Egg Benedict. It have spinach instead of lox which was a change from what I usually order and it was an interesting combination. (I did skip the homemade hash but not the english muffin.) =/

For dinner, I didn’t want to cook so I only ate a container of soft tofu dessert. Technically I wasn’t suppose to eat sweets or wheat but I did cheat once in awhile… =( So bad!

Now the best part, Miami! I was flying on Delta and I actually like it more then flying American Airlines. They have a monitor where you can actually choose some free movies to watch. I watched a good movie with Richie Ren and Shu Qi.


By the time I arrived in Miami it was raining… and not just a little but down right pouring! Broke my flip flops too…


The airbnb place I was staying at was nice and clean. I took over the bedroom while my friend took the living room. Location was awesome. We were only 2 blocks away from Wholefoods and 7 Eleven. The beach wasn’t far either. Public buses were close too. Would definitely recommend this to other airbnb users.

Since it was my first day in Miami, my friend and I didn’t do anything crazy. We went to Aventura Mall for late lunch/dinner at a Japanese Restaurant, Sushi Siam not food court.

The first thing I wanted to order when I look at the menu was the Naruto Rolls, which are sushi rolls wrapped in thinly sliced cucumbers but you know what the waitress told me. They don’t have cucumbers?! So bizarre for a Japanese restaurant not to have that key ingredient but apparently they didn’t get their delivery that day. o_O


Anyway, I ordered an appetizer with tuna, onion, jalapeno and salmon roe. I love the freshness of it and the kick from the red onion and jalapeno. It was simply delicious. Since I can’t have real rice, I ordered a soy wrapped sushi roll with intimate crab, tamago, avocado and some tobiko. It was good and the sauce around it was enough, no need for soy sauce. Obviously it wasn’t enough for me so I also order a soup, King of the Sea which has assorted seafood and cooked in a nicely heated lemongrass soup.

After the late lunch, we went to see two movies, Ip Man 3 and Ride Along 2. Both good movies, but personally I like Ip Man 3 more because its a more sentimental movie compare to watching a comedy. Donnie Yuen is an amazing actor!

I actually like part 3 more the most compare to the earlier sequels.

Afterward the movies, we headed back to South Beach and along the way, we were hungry again! Time for dinner.


Spanish Way! The street was literally filled with Spanish cuisine restaurants. I picked one whose name attracted me, Mare Mio. In the end it didn’t meet my expectation.


For the appetizer I got the octopus carpaccio, it was the most THINLY slice carpaccio I have ever seen! It was paper thin and drenched in olive oil! I can not taste the freshness of the octopus. For the main course, I ordered one of the caught fishes of the day. In the end I didn’t like it that much. Meat was a bit dry and no seasoning! All they need to do was add salt! Definitely not worth it. This will be a reminder not to go back.

Ending my first night in Miami with that meal was a disappointment but I had the next day to look forward to! Sailboarding! Stay tune for some pictures of it in my next post!



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