8 Week Weight Loss Challenge -2nd Week (Day 8 to 12)

Sorry about the updates! Last week feels super long at work since I’m going on vacation this week. So one big post for this past week. I ate a lot of the food I prepare over the weekend and it certainly helps since I get home late most of the time.

I’ve been making one version or another of an omelette.


This one was Monday’s, 3 egg white, spinach and pepper. I saved the egg yolks. I think this was the best looking omelette I’ve made since I started the challenge.


Lunch was a salad with corn, avocado, pepper and of course the chicken breast I made over the weekend. I forgot to make my own dressing so I used just lemon juice, not the best option by itself.


In the evening, I end up trying to steam the egg yolks I had left from earlier. The results were not that good. It was too watery. I thought it was because I didn’t steam it for long enough. I still ate one and the next morning (Tuesday) I steamed the other two for longer, same results. =( Will have to change up the recipe to get better results.

That Tuesday was a blur. I don’t remember to take pictures of what I ate for lunch. I believe I went out and brought a turkey chili soup from Gourmet Garage. As for dinner, I ate some of he minestrone soup.

Wednesday morning, I made… You guessed it. Eggs again but not omelette. I made scramble eggs in the microwave.


I topped it with spinach and tomatoes. Results were pretty good and the easiest and fastest breakfast ever. Only 5 mins to make this breakfast including chopping time!

Lunch was minestrone soup again.


The soup was still good after so many days. It lasted me for 4 meals!

As for dinner, I finally had something different! It was date night so I cheated a little by having more proteins. (I think this is between 4 to 5 servings.)


Take out! Sashimi and an order of agedashi tofu. It was sooo good! He had beef yaki udon which I didn’t take a photo of. Definitely going to be ordering take out from here again. Everything was fresh! (Great date too…)

Thursday was another day back to the routine.


Starting to really like the scramble egg idea. This was topped with spinach and chicken breast. Double the protein! (2 proteins servings here)

Half of my original lunch had gone bad so I brought cauliflowers from the cafeteria at work.


The other half was made in the morning, tilapia with lemon herb seasoning. It was not bad but the curried flavor cauliflower were really good. I’m going to try to make something similar. Any recipe recommendations?

To end the day, I had minestrone soup again!


It was such a long day. I was glad I had some minestrone soup! It still have the kick from the ground pepper. I also brought a bag of carrots to munch on throughout the night.


I was so glad it was finally Friday!! Halaluya! Almost time to pack for my trip to Miami!! It was time to spice up the day with something different. Eggplant and egg for breakfasttt!


I saw different recipes with mince pork and ones without. This was the easier recipe without pork. Charred eggplants and then dipping it into egg and “fry” it. Instead of frying it, I just cooked the egg around it. The results were pretty interesting. Never had eggplant and egg like this together before. If you guys are interested I can give you the recipe.

For my lunch, I finish the last of the minestrone soup and ate a kiwi. The past week I had either a kiwi or a nectarine as my fruit of the day.

Dinner was tofu!!


I steamed a box of tofu and created the sauce for it. Mix it together and wa la! Simple and yummy tofu! I tweaked the sauce recipe from Beyond Kimchee to make it.

By the end of the week, I lost another 1.5 lbs! I also baked some snacks with eggplant and chickpea. They deserve a separate post so stay tune!!












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