8 Week Weight Loss Challenge – Day 6 & 7

I woke up pretty late on Saturday so I skipped breakfast and started prepping for lunch instead. Chicken meatball time! I’ve been eyeing a recipe called Firecracker Chicken Meatballs by Little Spice Jar.


(Photo Credit to Little Spice Jar)

Doesn’t that look sooo good! Love that rich color but I can’t replica the recipe exactly due to the rules of the challenge.


However as you can see they look completely different but it was just as good. I skipped on the panko breadcrumbs and sauce but flavor wize it was still tasty. Next time I will add more paprika to give it more of a kick w/o the sauce. I made 3 small batches of 6 oz portions and freeze them so when I want to make veggie spaghetti or just heat it up by itself as a snack I can. =)

Next after consuming a serving of those delicious chicken meatball, I start prepping the ingredients for a Milestone Soup recipe also by Little Spice Jar. I like how it’s very hearty yet not too heavy.


Chopping up the ingredients (carrots, celery, spinach, green beans, onions, and zucchini) were very time consuming since I’m still a newbie in the kitchen.


After everything was chopped up I put everything into the pot to do its work. 3.5 hours later and voila! Result a healthy and delicious veggie soup!

By the time I throw everything into the pot to cook. I was hungry again so I pull out an eggplant and roasted it with some amazingly simple ingredients: garlic, salt and parsley. The result was tasty and juicy. I can’t get enough of this simple recipe.


One fruit a day is always good for the body! For that day it was a peach.


Saturday was very filled with good food and so was Sunday. In the morning I made an omelette with spinach, pepper and topped with avocado. Yum. I love avocado.


For a late lunch/dinner, I cheated a little by consuming a bit more protein. I made a pot of mussels to share with my sister. No wine was used, it was tomato based with a little bit of heat. It was perfect! It was also my first time cooking mussel!


My sister who wasn’t too crazy about spicy food also enjoyed it.

Even though it was a over 6 oz of proteins I was still hungry as it got later and I didn’t want to eat anything to heavy so I baked an eggplant again!


This coming weekend I really want to bake some eggplant chips to snack on when I’m traveling to Miami. *Sunshine*

My fruit of the day was a kiwi. It was a perfect balance of sweet and sour. Definitely getting more of them!


To end the day, I also prepared some chicken breast for the week (for salads). I took a recipe of a spicy Portuguese from Beyond Kimchee and it came out perfect! I even portion it to be 6 oz each so it’ll be easier to grab. =)

More blog entries from my challenge to come!


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