8 Week Weight Loss Challenge – Day 4

Last night’s dinner was sooo good! I ate the rest of the St. Peter’s Fish for lunch. Literally dreamed about it. Lol.


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Since the fish is probably over 6 oz, I can’t have any eggs again this morning so I quickly made these instead. Edamame!



It’s really more of a snack then a breakfast but I didn’t know what to make since I’m not making eggs. I think for tomorrow morning I’ll make a spinach and pepper omelette or maybe a green smoothie? I need to brainstorm.


I have more blueberries and pomegranate seeds as snack today again. Last of the blueberries. Next could be blackberries? Strawberries? Maybe even grapefruit?


These were suppose to be part of yesterday’s lunch but since I had the salad…. They became today’s lunch instead along with the rest of this!


Like I said yesterday, it was really good! Istanbul Restaurant offers a wide selection of salads, meat (the usual lamb and chicken dishes) and fishes which is perfect for my challenge and the food really are a packful of flavors! If you live in Brooklyn, you should definitely check it out.

Then for dinner I just brought steamed veggies from the Chinese take out place near my work. It was neither good or bad but healthy enough for my detox.


Last night, I really wanted to bake some kale chips but it was way too late so I made them this morning.


It wasn’t as good as I wanted it to because it don’t have the crunch I want but flavor wise it was perfect for people who love a good kick. I must have put over like a cup of Cajun spice in it. Next batch will be perfect!

If you want to know how to make it, please feel free to ask!


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