Travel Diary: Las Vegas – Day 1 to 2

It was my 2nd time flying this year and my sister’s first official flying trip since she can remember. It wasn’t a bad flight (6 hrs flight). We both were extremely exhausted by the time we landed. I was sick the day before I got on the plane. Glad I pack plenty of vitamins with me!


We arrive @ Las Vegas in the evening. 6pm here is 9pm in NYC! 3 hours difference.


By the time we got back to the hotel, we were exhausted and crashed for the evening. Quite uneventfully but let the fun begin the next day!


We started it off with some yummy breakfast from a waffle shop. Waffle with chopped almond, strawberries and a thin layer of caramel syrup! The waffle itself was great but the strawberries were not sweet at all but still good. Splited it with Alice.

Afterward, we head out for a long ride (a friend was driving us) to Arizona to hike around Grand Canyon!! It took us 4 to 5 hours to get there!

Grand Canyon was indeed very GRAND!



We didn’t stay very long, but we still had a great time! We had some great sisterhood bonding pictures together!


Polaroids pics too!


We left after an hourish because we had a show to catch but we still end up missing it. =( One good thing that did came out of that ride though was the amazing sunset!


After we got back to Las Vegas and realize that we won’t be able to make it to the show, we went for food! We were starving! Since we’re in the West Coast, why not try the famous In ‘n’ Out Burgers! This was at 11pm!


In ‘n’ Out Burger was known for their simple menu and there was not so “secret” menu. I ordered the Animal Style Cheeseburger combo, which comes with some fries and a small soda. The difference between a regular cheeseburger and the Animal style is the beef patty; cooked in mustard! It also has an extra spread of sauce and grilled onions.

The bun was nicely grilled and the patty was juicy. It wasn’t greasy like the other burgers just like 5 Guys. I didn’t taste any mustard in the patty though. The extra spread was tasty!! Loved it!! When I am in the West Coast again, I will definitely come back. It’s along the same level of yumminess as Shake Shack!

After the delicious meal, I was craving for some fruits and yogurt so we stopped by Walmart.

(Going to share a post on the delicious yogurt later)

Las Vegas journey to be continued….


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