Travel Diary: Ocean City, MD 2015

I went on weekend business trip earlier this month and its been awesome! Even though it was only 3 days but its been an awesome trip. Great food!


Crab cake sandwich! All crabmeat, the real deal!


1 lb of Alaskan’s Crab Legs! It was good but I took forever to eat it. Now that I learn a tip from Rita, next time will be so much easier and faster!


Took one from Ellen and Gilbert’s basket! =) Sooo good! With the Cajun powder on top, it adds a nice kick to it!

After food, makeup time!


Rocking a dark red all day lip stick called Seduction! How are you liking my classic lip?

Other then great food and makeup, I spend it with great people learning from the millionaires!

PhotoGrid_1433006283147 DCIM107GOPRO

I had a great time with my business partners! This marks the end of my first year as an entrepreneur but it also mean many more to come! We all have different dreams but as a team we will all work towards that goal. One team, one dream! Residual income here we come!

Next stop! Las Vegas!


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