Bacon Bash 2013 (100th Blog Entry)

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It was my first time attending the Bacon Bash hosted by iAdventure. It was also their 2nd year hosting it. I had always LOVED bacon. I always order it with my eggs and had tried chocolate covered bacon. This was taking it to the next level!

The Bacon Bash was held inside Bowlmor Time Sq. on June 23. I was there for the 2nd session from 3:30pm to 6pm. They had a total of 3 sessions: 12pm to 3pm, 3:30pm to 6pm, 6:30pm to 9pm.

Bowling Pins Autographed Bowling Pins

The bowling alley was surrounded by bowling pins hanging from the ceiling and displayed autograph bowling pins by famous people.


There was a BIG bowl sign upon entering the bowling alley.

Welcome Sign

You also can’t miss the big Welcome sign upon exiting the elevators.

Tickets 01

I brought my deal with Urban Daddy’s Perk therefore I had 10 tickets for Bacon Taste (That’s a lot of servings!) and 2 tickets for beer. (At first I thought it was for any drink.)

Drink Menu Wild Boar

This was the speciality drinking menu. Each drink was for $8 each but I didn’t know that at first and order the Wild Boar. Glad I did. Surprisingly, I LOVED IT! It reminds me of Vanilla Coke but 10x better! I also usually don’t like Vanilla Coke. Rate: 5/5

Crowd in Front of Bar

Look at that huge crowd in front of the bar! Glad I go my drink in a timely fashion.

Now for the food!

Bare Burgers!

Bare Burger

First stop! Bacon Marmalade Sliders from Bareburgers! Line was long but it moved quickly. I would really like to be able to taste the bacon but couldn’t find it. Overall it got great flavor. Slightly dry. Rate: 3/5

Next highlight with a long line following was for the House Cured Smoked Pork Belly Taco with Peppered Bacon Ranch!

Pork Belly


This time the line was moving really slowly but was definitely worth it. The pork belly was tender and juicy. The ranch dressing was a nice touch. Rate: 5/5

Afterward I only had 20 minutes left with 6 food tickets and 2 drink tickets left! I went immediately to order an ale and off to my next table of food/snack!

3 Way Chili

I went straight to the 3-Way Bacon Chili table. The chili was piping hot and it’s aroma was very pleasant and homely. It had great chili flavor packed with pork but it was not spicy. I prefer my chili to have more spice but it was still very good. Rate: 4/5

Next was the Bacon + Chicken Mac & Cheese and it was my favorite. I had 2 “servings” of it and could had ate more if I wasn’t getting full from all the alcohol.

Bacon + Chicken Sign

The cheese wasn’t over powering the flavor of the chicken and bacon. It was creamy and melts into your mouth. Best comfort food! Rate: 5/5

At this time I only had 10 minutes left to the session! I quickly make 2 more stops. Popcorn time!

Popcorn with Bacon Dip

The Popcorn and Bacon Dip was not very exciting though. Popcorn was not buttered and plain. Bacon dip was sweet and savory but didn’t match so well with popcorn. Rate: 2/5

Table of Waffle with Bacon Syrup and Bacon Cheddar Japleano Chip

(Not the best pic, lighting was horrible.) This was the last stop before everyone have to leave for the next session to start. Grabbed 2 bags of Kettle Chip’s Bacon Cheddar Jalapeno and 2 of the waffles. The chip was way too salty! The waffle was also way too dry! Rate: 0/5

Bacon Ppl

This beautiful pictures of me with the bacon peeps completes the fatty delicious afternoon at the Bacon Bash!


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  1. FoodCriticsNYC
    Dec 15, 2013 @ 18:28:42

    This would’ve compensate for the absent of the Turkey Ball event. ='(


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