Bluefin Tuna Festival 2013

Food is a huge part of who I am. I just love to eat, eat and eat! Just as much as my so call Food Partner in Crime, Donald. (Who haven’t been updating his blog.) He eats a lot more and without me most of the time. lol. As all my friend’s know, I love Japanese food. I can eat Japanese food all week and still enjoy it to its fullest. Today I had the chance to see a 500lbs Bluefin Tuna cut in front of my eyes. What an eye feast?!


Look at the size of the head! They were selling it for $20. I think it will be really good for soup or congee.




This gentleman explains in English how the fishermen catches the bluefin tuna in the ocean and it’s diet. He also answered a lot of questions the onlookers had.



The huge bluefin tuna was cut by fishmongers and sushi chefs into chunks to be sold and some were sliced into thin pieces to make nigiri. Wish they had sold it also in sashimi.

IMAG1682 IMAG1683

I never saw or had real wasabi before and this was my first time. As you can see from the price why; a pound of it cost $100! I brought a tiny piece to try and it does have a spicier kick to it then the fake ones in most restaurants.


Now, wasn’t that something special. You don’t get to see that everyday. It was definitely the freshest and most reasonable price bluefin tuna I ever had (6 piece nigiri for $13.90 before tax). The bluefin tuna literally melted in my mouth. In any Japanese restaurant in Manhattan, a nigiri would had cost approximately $6 to $9.

Fact: Earlier this year a 500lbs Blue Fine Tuna was sold for 1.8 Million in Tokyo!


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  1. FoodCriticsNYC
    Dec 15, 2013 @ 18:31:07

    That head is scary (O_O) In terms of price, would you say it was fair or no?


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