Memories of 2012

A whole year had pass and it was full of great memories. Looking back at 2012, it was a great year with family and friends. Discovered new places to go. Made new friends and created more memories to treasure.

Birthdays with family members. Being together with family is the most important.


Alice Birthday 2012

Alice’s birthday with our parents there to celebrate.

Birthday Cake and Samuel

(It wasn’t Samuel’s birthday but my grandma’s! But he sure seem to enjoy it the most. lol)

The one and only concert that I went to in March, Michael Liang’s.


It would had been a great concert if 1) We had better seats. Though my friend and I did sneak up a couple of rows and if 2) The female artist didn’t sing as much. She sang for almost half the concert length.

Autograph CD

The best part of that night was being able to purchase an autograph CD! I also brought one as a gift for my best friend, Donald.

I went to Atlantic City with my sister in May and she had a lot of fun. She was having the happiest and wackiest time ever!

Collage of Alice

Collage of Us

We had so much fun! Maybe in 2013 we’ll get to go somewhere alone again….


I will also always remember the great foods that we ate while we were there. Just thinking about it makes me hungry.

Then during the July 4th weekend, I spend it with my family @ Jones Beach and some state parks in NJ. Though it was a frustrating ride to and back it was still enjoyable…

Family Collage


Jones Beach Collage 02

Everyone had fun and that was the most important.


I ended the summer with a day at Luna Park with some friends. I took a lot of pictures of myself. Perfect for profiles pics.



Then in September, I attended 2 fabulous fashion presentations! Carlos Luna and Dennis Basso. Both were very unique but I like Dennis Basso’s design more.

I went on my first long vacation with Wendy and Alina on a cruise to Florida and Bahamas for 7 days in November.


Bahama Collage

Though we were bored more then half the time. We had our moments of fun.


We also had some excellent food and wine in speciality restaurants.

Towards the end of November there was the famous, Immaculate Infatuation annual Turkey Ball. My first official one since I miss the first one and brought ticket but didn’t go to the second one.

Collage of Turkey Ball

First time asking Donald to go with me to an event. We had a great time!

Turkey Ball 2012

Most of the food was really good. My favorite was the Crispy Lamb Shoulder with Grits, Apples and Cider Gastrique (in the cups). Donald loved it too.

Holiday Party

In December, I went to the Mount Sinai Holiday Party with Wendy and then on New Years Eve we went dancing the night away @ Aspen Social Club. The year ended with a lot of fun. In between all this I started and ended a relationship that brought a lot of great memories. I will always treasure those memories and begin a new year with new beginnings.


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  1. FoodCriticsNYC
    Dec 15, 2013 @ 18:32:57

    That pic of me (O_O) LOL


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