Layers of Me

As I was rereading my old xanga blog, I realize I am still somewhat the same as I was before yet different. To somewhat rediscover who I am, I decided to redo the long “survey/questioniare” that I had done in 2003. (Some are still the same and I kept them around.)

Layer One – Stats…
Name: Donna =]
Birthdate: February 9
Current Location: Brooklyn, NY<– After all these years I still love this place.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5′
Weight: (2003 – 100 lbs) (2012 – 121 lbs)
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Layer Two – Describe
Your heritage: Asian [ABC]
The shoes you wore today: (2003 – Slippers) (2012 – White Sandal & Brown Flats from Croc)
–Your hair: Medium
Your eyes: Dark Brown
Your weakness: (2003 – Give into what other say easily)<– I still think this is one of my weakness. I still cry easily and I’m still easily convinced by others.
Your fears: (2003 – Nightmares, Height)<– I don’t really have nightmares anymore. Still semi scared of heights. Now I fear more that I won’t find my soul mate.
Your perfect pizza: (2003 – pepperoni, extra cheese, mushroom) (2012 – Favorite = Familia’s mozzarella, tomato and basil pizza; Perfect= A crispy thin pizza with mozzarella, pepperoni, bacon bits and mushroom.)
Goals you’d like to achieve: (2003 – find true love that can last, secure job in advertising industry) (2012 – Still want to find true love that can last, finish college and get a better job.)

Layer Three – Tell
Your most overused phrase on AIM: (2003 – lol hehee *muah*)<– Still use lol the most. (2012 – Speaking wise – Diet and calories are the words I spoke the most for the past 2 months.)
Your first thoughts waking up: (2003 – Where’s my alarm clock?)<– That is still the first thought that comes to my mind. Don’t think this will ever change.

— Your second thoughts waking up: (2003 – I miss ming, what’s he doing?) (2012 – After pressing the snooze button, “I musttttt get up soon….”)

–Your best physical feature: (2003 – got none, look like a ghost. Hehee.)<– Still think I don’t really have a “best” physical feature but I like my hairstyle/hair the most these days.
Your bedtime: (2003 – 12-1 am)<– Most of the time I sleep around that time. It ranges from 12am to 2am.
Your greatest accomplishment: (2003 – Getting interested in art and actually getting into an art school.) (2012 – For this year nothing but for in general it would be getting my job at Mount Sinai Hospital.)

Your most missed memory: (2003 – Being ever visited china)<– I was only 4yrs old then so still don’t remember it. (2012 – Miss the feeling of being in love. Not sure what I’m feeling about this someone is love or not.)

Layer Four – You Prefer
Pepsi or Coke: (2003 – Pepsi) (2012 – Definitely Coke now but I barely drink it.)

— McDonald’s or Burger King: (2003 – MC’ [hate Burger King, everything there looks crappy]) <– Still prefer Mickey D’s. Burger King is crappy.
Single or group dates: (2003 – Single is the best)<– Still think single dates are the best.
Adidas or Nike: (2003 – Adidas)<-Don’t really care and never did.
–Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:
(2003 – Only Lipton Ice Tea)<– Still would be the same if it was between those two.
Chocolate or Vanilla: (2003 – Vanilla, Chocolate too sweet)<– If those were the only options still would prefer Vanilla ice cream. (2012 – Favorite flavor – Red Orange Sorbet by Ciao Bella.)
Cappuccino or Coffee: (2003 – Cappuccino) (2012 – Neither. Never really like coffee related drinks. My response before was base on limited option. Favorite drink would be btw Tazo Tea’s Vanilla Rooibos latte or Cha Chan Tang’s Hong Kong Style Milk Tea.)

Layer Five – Do you?
Smoke: (2003 – Never did and never will)<– Still will be the same response for years to come.
Cuss: (2003 – heheee) (2012 –  Of course I had but who never did at least once in their life.)
Sing well: (2003 – no vocal. If I did sing, everyone will be running from it. hehee) (2012 – Still the same old me. Can’t sing but tries to and that’s what counts. lol)
Take a shower everyday: (2003 – Of course, who doesn’t, unless they beggars)<– Still totally agree with this response. Only person I know who doesn’t shower everyday is my brother. Ick.
Have a crush(es): (2003 – Of course, I’m a girl.) (2012 – Sometimes I feel like I still have a crush for someone from the past.)
Who are they: (2003 – Way to many in the past to name.) (2012 – Too embarrass to mention his name.)
Do you think you’ve been in love: (2003 – Been? don’t feel like me and Wil had ever really love each other, so no. now, I feel I’m in love.)<– Can’t believe that was my response back then. Looking back at it I don’t think I was ever in love with Ming. He was more like my rebound guy to keep me from drowning. Don’t think I ever truly “been” in love.
Want to go to college: (2003 – Of course I want to go, what u gonna do without going to a college first.) (2012 – I prefer to just work but I really need to graduate.)
Like (d) high school: (2003 – It suks at first, now getting better.) (2012 – Miss High School life a lot. So many memories.)
— Want to get married:
(2003 – Of course, What u gonna do without the other half)<– I would really like to at least find or be sure of who my soul mate/other half is before I decide to get marry.
Believe in yourself:… (2003 – Of course, what u gonna do if u don’t believe in self, who else am I’m gonna believe in anyway.)<– Still totally true. I really believe that one day I will find my other half and achieve great things.
Get along with your parents: (2003 – Of course, just don’t get too much along with my grandma. me a gwai lui…)<– Will always get along with my parents and getting better at communicating with my grandma. Still get nag by her a lot but that’s our way of communicating.
Like Thunderstorms: (Depends. don’t like lightning, but like the dark sky and rain falling. Seem like butterflies dancing.) (2012 – I actually like to see the lightning strike across the sky now. Looks so pretty and far away. I like to admire it. Love the sound of the rain hitting lightly or hard against tin.)
Play an instrument: (2003 – Nope, wish I could.)<– Still don’t know how to play any instruments. Would love to learn how to play the guitar.

Layer Six – In the past, did/have you
Drank alcohol: (2003 – Only once, wanna try again) (2012 – At this point, quite often especially socially with my friends and an occasional beer at home.)
Smoke(d): (2003 – Never had and never will)<– I hate smokers so I would  never become one.
Done a drug: (2003 – um…only prescribed medicine…does that count?!)<– Ain’t ever going to be ever anything else but Rx medicines.
Made Out: (2003 – Yea, well, fully made out, only once, sad ending, sigh)<– Way past the point by now and more… hehee.
Go on a date: (2003 – What else you gonna do with your bf, if you don’t go out on dates?)<– Been a long time since I actually went out on a date. It must be at least 5 years.
Go to the mall?: (2003 – Yea, that’s where else you gonna have clothes to wear.)<– Not really. Once in awhile to the Manhattan Mall but mainly shop at boutiques and online.
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: (2003 – Nope, Oreos somehow ain’t my thing)<– At maximum, I would probably eat 5 in a row but that’s it.
Eaten sushi: (2003 – Several times, love them, love the fish kind, forgot it’s name)<– Still my favorite food in the world. I can eat sushi for a week straight. It ain’t going to be the same dish every time though.
Been on stage: (2003 – yea, too long ago) (2012 – I was on stage to recite a Spanish poem for a poetry contest 2 semesters ago.)
Been dumped: (2003 – dumped?! dumped in the street by friend, yep, dumped by guy, yep. sad but true.)<– Since I haven’t been dating or have a bf in awhile there is no dumping involved. The last one was dumped by me like 5 yrs ago or something.
Gone skating: (2003 – sadly, only went once)<– Did not got this past winter but I had went a few times over the past few years. It was fun.
Made homemade cookies: (2003 – Nope, no oven)<– Still never had though we have an oven now. Maybe someday when I learn how to bake.
Gone skinny-dipping: (2003 – nope, to scared to)<– Still never had done that. Maybe someday I will but got to be a deserted pool or beach.
Dyed your hair: (2003 – Used to want to dye it light brown and reddish, doesn’t that count?!)<– Hm… At least 2 to 3 yrs ago since I last dyed my hair.

Layer Seven – Have you ever
Played a game that required removal of clothing?: (2003 – Think did that twice. Wil’s bday bash n with Kong once.)<– Those had been the only time I had done that. I remembered it being fun.

If so, was it mixed company: (2003 – Yea, what’s the fun alone, gotta share the fun)<– Would like to do this again one day.
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: (2003 – None that I can think of) (2012 – Not this year but on several occasions in the past, I think the first time being completely out of it was Wil’s house for drinking years ago, once at my house with friends when my uncle was still living here, and Nancy’s wedding in 2010 where I had like 3 or 4 shots on top of other alcohol.)
Been caught “doing something”: (2003 – hehee, yea, scare just thinking back at it) (2012 – Not in a long time. I remember more of the guy being scared of getting caught. lol)
Been called a tease: (2003 – Quiet often though, me always teasing ppl)<– I still tease my friends a lot. That’s who I am, a very straight forward person. I get tease at once in awhile but not really.
Gotten beaten up: (2003 – by mom mostly, think once by dad)<– That was so long ago that I don’t even remember.

Layer Eight – The Future
Age you hope to be married: (2003 – hm……before I turn 30.)<– Would still prefer that but age is creeping up on me.
Numbers and Names of Children: (2003 -3 with Felix, Vanessa, Rebecca)<– Still want 3 kids but not completely sure about the names till I am faced with the decision.

Describe your Dream Wedding: (2003 – outdoor wedding after ceremony in church, don’t know why church cuz I’m not a god believer, but it looks nice, and plenty of white stuff going around, like the limo, whooo hoooo!~ hehee) (2012 – Semi outdoor wedding with live band or singer and buffet style banquet with family and friends. I know I would be in a sleeveless above knee length wedding dress, no long dress for me. Ideally I would like the Wong Fu Production crew to do my wedding shoot but I can always dream right?)
How do you want to die: (2003 – Die for good cause)<– Still would prefer that and if I die and my organs are still healthy I would donated them to the hospital and they can cremated my body but I don’t think my family would approve.
Where you want to go to college: (2003 – SVA, Columbia, NYU, Pace, Baruch, if I didn’t get into any of the real good colleges) (2012 – Started off at SVA but now in York College. Not sure if I’ll end up transferring again.)
What do you want to be when you grow up: (2003 – hm…….advertisement manager)<–If I haven’t given in to stress I would had been working in the Advertising field or Graphic Design field now. (2012 – RN if possible)
What country would you most like to visit: (2003 – Japan, China/Hong Kong, Paris, London)<– Still at the top of my list. Wonder when will I save up enough to travel to all those places.

Layer Nine – Opposite sex (or the same?)…
— Best eye color? Brown
Best hair color? Black
Short or long hair?: Short
Best height: Taller then me, at least 5’5” <– The above preference had not changed at all.

Best weight: (2003 – Well, he’s a guy, at least 120-150) (2012 – I’m a little more lenient about that now. 120 to 180 based on his height.)
Best first date location: (2003 – well, I like the theater, then a place where u can eat anything you)<– For a first date, movies are the safest bet. But can be more romantic and doing a picnic.

Best first kiss location: (2003 – definitely door step, second place is theater)<– I still think those are the best places for a first kiss.

Layer Ten – Number  of…

— Number of boys I have kissed in my life: (2003 – err…same amount of ppl I dated…2) (2012 – Kiss is such simple contact. Um… I think it’s 4 or 5.)
Number of boys you have made out with: (2003 – my fave # 2, first time really made out was better then second) (2012 – I also believe the answer to that would be 4 or 5.)
Number of boyfriends you’ve had: (2003 – my fave # 2, still with the 2nd one) (2012 – 3 so far.)
Number of drugs taken illegally: (2003 – alcohol is a drug right? If so, once) (2012 – none since I can drink alcohol and I don’t do drugs for fun.)
Number of people I could trust with my life: (2003 – myself and mom)<– Would add my sister to the list.
Number of CDs that I own: (2003 – that mad, I won’t go counting how many I got, too many to count)<– Still have a lot. Large collection of DVDs and CDs.
Number of piercing: (2003 – use to have ear two holes, none now) (2012 – a pair, debating if I should get another pair of piercing.)
Number of tattoos: (2003 – none, and never any)<– Not my style so still none.
Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: (2003 – what newspaper, school? Um………several times, don’t remember, outside newspaper….. think once) (2012 – None in college newspaper but been in the Chinese newspaper with my colleagues.)

Number of scars on my body: (2003 – um…….scratches a lot, but scars don’t think I have any)<– Still none.
Number of things in my past that I regret: (2003 – way to many to remember)<– Still agree with that. One of them would be that I should have completed my last year in SVA. I also should had act more mature and patience in my past relationships.


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  1. greenmilktea
    Jul 17, 2013 @ 02:01:00

    Wow. Reading this now make me realize something. I think I will redo this in Aug. Great way of reflecting and keeping track of how much I’ve changed.


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