NYFW – Venexiana/Napoleon Perdis 2011 (Part 1)

I was asked by my friend, Chastity from GlitterStyleBuzz to cover the Venexiana Fashion Show from backstage. It was my first time covering a fashion show and none-the-less behind the scene. I was extremely excited and nervous at the same time.

It took me awhile to find the right entrance for the backstage pass.

I finally found it! It was inside a gigantic tent at the back of the Lincoln Center. There were so many buildings that it took me awhile to find the “back” of it.

Upon entering, I met these lovely ladies and they can’t find me on their Backstage Press List! After half an hour of trying to contact Chastity, the problem was resolved. My name was under Napoleon Perdis’ Press List.

All the models looks so pretty without makeup on. I can’t wait to see what they look like after makeup is use.

Everyone was hard at work getting all the models ready for the fashion show.

On one side, Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics makeup artists were working on the models’ makeup.

On the other side, hair stylists of Tela Design Studio by Philip Pelusi were working on the models’ hair.

I love this model. She looks so natural and pretty with just the smokey eyes. I love it! It’s perfect!

Can anyone tell me what’s her name? Can’t seem to find her on the model’s list/poster.

Napoleon Perdis, Founder of Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics was busy finishing up the final touches on a model.

Model Cora came rushing in and still look splendid without any major makeup on.

Hair stylists surrounded her getting her ready for the fashion show. She looks great already!

Napoleon Perdis with model, Alyssa. Napoleon Perdis did a fabulous job. Alyssa looks amazing!

Kati Stern, Venexiana’s Fashion Designer going through some things with Napoleon Perdis before the Fashion Show starts.

Napoleon Perdis’ Face Sheet for the models makeup. My favorite product used would be the China Doll Eyeliner Equinox. I love that it creates such a dark and precise eyeline on the models. I can’t wait to get it for myself!

to be continued…..


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