Heather Park’s “Stay” Album Release Party

Arrived @ Crash Mansion a quarter after 7pm. Still very early. People just started arriving for Heather Park’s 2nd Album, “Stay” Release Party.

Caught a photo of Heather Park when she enter. I bumped into her when I arrived, in the restroom too. A makeup artist was busy working on her.

The dance floor was completely empty. Nobody was dancing to the DJ that was rapping in the back.

Empty stage. We’re all waiting for Heather to go on stage and sing to us. (I like the light setting on stage.)

Their were a lot Heather Park “business cards” lying around each table. I also grabbed a copy of Heather’s new album, Stay. I can’t wait to hear her sing on stage!

I was getting bored waiting so I walked around and saw her being interviewed. She looks so pretty tonight!

Alina wasn’t able to come with me tonight but I made a new friend, Chastity. She works for the press and is going to interview Heather.

Steve Francis, the man who made this all possible spoke a few words before Heather went on stage. He is the CEO of Stush Music Studios who recorded, produced, and mixed Heather’s songs.

Look at the crowd and press that gather in front of the stage waiting to hear Heather sing.

Heather’s chorus singers. They have been singing with Heather for 4 years.

Look how passionate she is. She has a great voice.

I like her dress. She looks good in it. I will never be able to pull off this dress even if I can fit in it.

Love the pose she strike. She have a strong soulful voice and great body tone from Bikram Yoga.

Heather is very passionate about her singing. I am proud of her. Though she didn’t go on stage till after 9:30pm it was worth the wait. Her voice was amazing, as always.

After she finish singing, I waited around to get her autograph. Heather and I with her autographed “Stay” album.

A photo of Heather, Steve and I to complete the night. It was a good evening but definitely could have been better if people actually started dancing and really started partying!


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