Fashion Night Out @ Foley + Corinna

The first notice I got in regard to Fashion Night Out was from Foley + Corinna and out of all the places to choose from, I decided to check them out. I was all hyped up and had high expectations for it but it turn out kinda dull and uneventful until after I left. (How I know? I saw photos of the event and it was a huge success.)

It did had a nice crowd of people. I got that when it started at 7pm.

Before checking out the surrounding, I checked out the liquor table. The guys tending the drinks did not know what they were serving at all. I only knew that it got cranberry in it and that it tasted bloody good. Yum.

The party mode setting was basically the same as normal business days. The couple couches has always been there.

Only difference was the mini stage build in the back. It was nice and sparkly. Sparkles were everywhere.

The Foley and Corinna girls were all dressed up and sitting around chatting.

I was sitting and nibbling on these yummy treats (courtesy of Georgia’s Eastside BBQ and cupcakes from Crumbs) and waiting for some action. After 1 1/2 hr with nothing happening, I got bored and left. I was planning on heading over to Saks to check out the crowd and Rebecca Minkoff’s FNO but got distracted by the Tulips boutique sale across the street. I ended up missing out the rest of FNO but did some shopping instead!


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