International Secret Agents Concert

I really can’t wait till tomorrow night to attend the International Secret Agents (ISA) Concert! It’s their first ISA Concert in NYC. I’ve been waiting for this day since their first ISA Concert back in 2008. I hope I won’t be disappointed. I am saying that because the venue is very small AND IT IS A SOLD OUT CONCERT! Will the venue be able to fit all these fans? Hope so.

This year’s lineup is good but not the best. I was hoping Magnetic North will be part of it this year since they live in NYC and they were at the first ISA Concert but no, they are not going to be there. Otherwise the lineup will be perfect.

David Choi (photo credit to

Jennifer Chung (photo credit to Melly Lee at

Lydia Paek – Quest Dance Crew member (photo credit to

David Choi, Jennifer Chung, Lydia Paek all have a strong vocal. Can’t wait to see how well they will perform tomorrow. I also can’t wait to check out Quest Dance Crew’s dance moves. It’s going to be so hot!

Far*East Movement (photo credit to

I also can’t wait to see Far*East Movement on stage. Since I miss the reschedule concert they had with LMFAO, I can’t miss this one! I wonder which songs they going to sing.

I am also very interested to see what David Garibaldi will paint this time.

He’s moving in rhythm with the music and paint different portraits each time. In this one he painted Albert Einstein on a huge canvas upside down! It’s amazing what he can do. I didn’t know he was painting Albert Einstein until he was almost finish.

(Photo credit to me!)

Last but not least, the Wong Fu Production crew. I’ve always been a dedicated fan of them. Without them and Far*East Movement, ISA would never have happened! Can’t wait till tomorrow night to embraces all this in!


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