Samuel Li’s First Birthday

Samuel had his first birthday some time ago at his house with a bunch of other kids and their parent. It was nice to see so many little kids in one place. It was also fun taking pictures of everyone and everything.

The birthday boy is being his usual crazy hyper self. (The man carrying him is his father.) He’s giggling and grinning like crazy. The woman is a relative of their and the little girl is Sophia (9 months old).

His grandfather is feeding him some water. Look how aggressive he is drinking from that bottle. lol.

He is getting totally bored. He started grabbing papers to play and rip. He LOVES ripping paper.

Cousin Amy (Samuel’s mother) brought a chestnut filling cake (not my favorite) but it was alright.

He was trying to grab a piece of the cake. His mother have to hold his hand up in the air to prevent him from grabbing it. It’ll be so funny if he actually grab some cake and smear it onto his mom’s face or if he falls face flat into the cake. lol.

Look how he became a dirty kitten from eating the cake and show it to everyone!

Other kids that were there:

This is Sophia (9 months old). I wonder what she was staring at…

She’s enjoying her ride.

This little one here is Phoebe (14 months old). She is soooo cute.

Ain’t she cute squatting in that position! lol.

She was riding the mini car right into me and I got this closeup of her. I like how it came out.

She looks so cute sitting still to eat her watermelon. According to her mom, she LOVES watermelon. There were more people and kids but they left before I started taking pictures.


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  1. Alice Wong
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 11:10:33

    Samuel finally has his first birthday. He must be having fun with all these kids in his house celebrating with him. I totally agree with you, when you said about him grabbing the paper and ripping them. He always rip papers, but I guess it is his way of habit for now. Also it was funny, when you said “It’ll be so funny if he actually grab some cake and smear it onto his mom’s face or if he falls face flat into the cake. lol.” It could be possible, if he does that because he always likes to grab things on what he sees and it will definitely be funny if he really falls face flat into the cake. So overall in the photos, I like picture number: 1)He has a cute smile, 4) lol about this picture because he was staring. I wonder what he was staring, 8 ) (the second picture) this seems like he is having a funny reaction. It seems as though he didn’t like the cake, and 9) the second picture with a cute face. But overall, you did a good job with this entry blog.


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