Pop-Up Gourmet NYC #2: The Last Meal

Many thanks to Karen for inviting me to enjoy this wonderful meal created by Chef Akiyama and his staff! She notice my love for Lan Restuarant through Yelp’s review and invited me. Chef Akiyama was the executive chef of Lan Restaurant and they had closed down last year. I had loved Lan A LOT and was very sad to see it close. I was hoping it was only being renovated but apparently it was not.

Karen and a few others hosted dinners at their “Pop-Up Restaurant.” This dinner’s theme was “If you have one LAST MEAL… what will it be?” My answer was a 5 course meal with lots of seafood and green tea dessert.

credit to Pop-Gourmet NYC Facebook

The event was hosted at B Flat Bar and Lounge. It was a very small and intimate place.

First Course – Thien’s last meal – Seared live scallop and roasted beet with foie gras mayonnaise and carrot puree

All I tasted was freshness of the scallop and beet. The crunchy fried fish skin on top adds a interesting finish flavor to it. Everything about it was very simple and light in flavor. I also liked how it was arranged. Rate: 4/5

Second Course – Betty’s last meal – Squid ink taglionini uni ankake

This was surprisingly amazing. I was NEVER was a fan of uni till I had this. The squid ink taglionini was good and tender. The taglionini hold itself together wonderfully and was very filling. I could eat another serving of this. Tasted almost exactly like the ones served at their sister restaurant, Dieci. The only difference was, it was without uni. Rate: 5/5

Third Course – Meghan’s last meal – Yuzu flavored sinigang na baboy with lobster sweet miso bisque foam

This course was a totally disappointment to me. I was expecting something more flavorful and interesting, instead I get boiled pork and vegetable. The so call lobster sweet miso did not have any scent or taste of lobster. I felt like it was all oil. You can see the oil and grease very clearly in my photo. Rate: 0/5

Fourth Course – Karen’s last meal – Bluefin tuna yamakake with truffle rice (This is before the truffle was added.)

Appearance wise, it looked very interested with a raw egg yolk on top. I love the bluefin tuna. It was very good fatty tuna with a lot of sweetness and was very fresh. The rice itself tasted good with the right amount of stickiness. The good part of this course ends their.

(This is how it looks after the truffle was shaved on top.)

The raw egg yolk makes it a yamakake dish and it gives the dish a weird taste and texture (slimy). It could really do without the raw egg yolk. It would have been great without it. It would have been great in a bowl of ramen or soup. Rate: 2/5

Fifth Course – Joanne’s last meal – Caramelized banana custard french toast with salted peanut butter and spicy blue berry jam

This would have to be the BEST COURSE out of the entire meal. Dessert is always my favorite course. I’m also a huge fan of banana. The caramelized banana on top of the custard french toast was TO DIE FOR. It was so soft it practically melted in my mouth. The salted peanut butter was perfect, not to salty. The spicy blue berry jam was actually not spicy at all. It would have been nice if it was actually spicy. If it wasn’t so fattening (banana and caramel have tons of calories), I would eat this all day and night. Rate: 6/5

Everyone sat together with strangers or friends. I went alone and met new friends: Brian, Julie and Andrew. It was a lot of fun and the foods were pretty amazing especially the dessert! ^,^


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  1. Brian Healey
    Jul 12, 2010 @ 12:41:02

    What a great night — an amazing meal and a new friend! Does is get any better than that!?


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