Wong Fu Productions Spring 2010 Tour – Columbia University, NYC

This event actually happened a few months ago on a very very special Sunday night. I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time now but never had the chance to completely finish it. I’ve been a Wong Fu Productions fan for a long time and naturally I tried to attend every tour event they had held in NYC.

This event was hosted at Alfred Lerner Hall at Columbia University. It was my first time stepping foot onto Columbia campus. I loved how big the campus was and how everything was centered in a park atmosphere.

I actually saw the Wong Fu Productions crew trio before stepping into the lecture hall but I didn’t get a chance to say hi to them. This should be my 4th time attending their events. I was excited to see them in NYC again, but I wasn’t as excited as people who were about to see them for the first time. There was a big round of screams and applauses when Wes, Phil and Ted enter the lecture hall. I didn’t go crazy but I was just as happy and excited.

Ted, Phil, and Wes went about setting up their equipments and as they were setting up I went up to Ted to say hi and he recognize me right away! I am extremely happy that he still recognize me after all these years (they do see over thousands of people every year from touring).

They show a few upcoming shorts and a MV to us and my favorite will have to be “When Five Fell” which was release last month.

It is about how 5 objects: Glasses, Cup, Umbrella, Scarf and Telephone fell in and out of love with the girl. I like that Wes started the short from the floor view/angle. It gives us something completely different to look and start at. I love how the entire short was filmed (angles, lighting and shadows). The music that was used throughout the short really help bring out the mood. I love how Wes used the objects to portray the different senses and stages of a relationship. It gave us something to observe, absorb and think about. Out of all the Wong Fu Productions short’, this has became my favorite.

After a long Q+A, there was a huge line of fans waiting and wanting to take pictures and autographs with them including me. I won’t miss an opportunity to add another group picture with them to my Wong Fu Productions photo album. It was a very fun night.


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  1. KC
    Jun 29, 2010 @ 08:40:53

    Awesome! 🙂


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