Kitchenette Restaurant

Nancy and I went to Kitchenette Restaurant for brunch. We went all the way to it’s uptown location in Amsterdam Avenue so we can go to Bloomingdale’s afterward.

The front of the restaurant is tiny but it’s actually not that small inside. They had yummy Bellini and Mimosa for $5 only but we didn’t want to drink liquor so early in the day.

The front of the restaurant had a bakery counter selling all sorts of sweets. I saw layer cakes, flaky fruit pies, large variety of hand decorated cookies, bars and cupcakes for the sweet tooth.

I had the Sweet Potato Waffle with brown sugar pecans and apple butter. The waffles were slightly crunchy and soft at the same time. The apple butter was very soft and light. With a hint of syrup the waffle and apple butter was a perfect match. The brown sugar pecan were alright. The sugar powder on top was a nice touch.  Rate: 4/5

Nancy had the Baked Vanilla Bean Brulee French Toast which was exactly what the name said it is. I tried a piece and it was divine! It was warm, chewy and soft, practically melting in our mouth. It was also giving us a homemade feel. Every bite was heavenly. Best french toast I ever tried. Rate: 5/5

But when we order a side of Homemade Turkey Sausage With Apples and Sage it was a totally disappointment. First off, there was no apple or sage! But it say there is on the brunch menu. Second off, it got to be the driest meat I ever had. It definitely tasted like turkey but it was way overcooked. Nancy and I can barely finish our small piece of it. Total waste of food. Rate: 0/5

Kitchenette Restaurant
1272 Amsterdam Avenue
NYC 10027
Tel (212) 531-7600
Fax (212) 531-7605


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