This store used to be one of my favorite boutiques but it closed and reopen to become this cute cafe. I love the hot beverages offered at this small cafe, Teado. So far my favorite is Japanese Matcha Green Tea with Milk. I love everything that is green tea… ^o^ I haven’t try any of the drinks in cold yet. Will keep you updated!

They don’t have much of a sitting area. They only have 5 small tables and seats in a corner. It gives off a more modern, chic and refreshing feel. I wonder if the tree will fall from all those Christmas cards…

I love their counter. It is full of cute and interesting toys.

This red toy is of a boy with round hands holding chopstick? in each hand. He also got a boo boo on his forehead and hand. Poor him, he must be sick too (cuz of the mask).

This is the cutest of all. Do YOU know who the toys resemble? JAY CHOU! They are all bobble heads and the one at the top is a music box. It looked so cute that I wanted to bring them home but I didn’t because I don’t collect toys anymore. Teado was also airing Jay Chou’s music at the same time. It’s a Jay Chou fans’ heaven.

145D Hester Street
New York, NY 10002
Tel: 212-226-7687


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