Pink Reverse Deep French + Dark Pink Hologram @ Sakura Nail & Spa

I haven’t been back to Sakura Nail Spa in 4 whole months! I missed it dearly and since I got a $50 gift card, I might as well spend it on something I miss. So, I went on Thursday after an hour of boring HIPPA Refresher training.

Originally wanted to do this:

I was still in the winter mode. I was very disappointed when they told me that the snowflakes cannot be drawn. They were only stickers. I even brought my rhinestone for this nail art design but at the last-minute, I changed my mind. It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I also wanted something pink. I came across this design when I was browsing through Nail Up Magazine:

(Sorry for the blurriness.) I love holograms, so this was perfect!

They didn’t have the Calgel color I want so we mixed a new one. It was my first time doing a Calgel color mix (cost an additional $5). The nail technician, Kayoko mixed, Calgel #11 (a Poppy Red-like color), Calgel #19 (Orange) and Calgel #55 (Pink). She mixed the Calgel colors many times before I settled on the color.

I LOVED the orange pink color we came out with. I wanted to do something slightly different for the ring finger, so we only used Calgel #11, the Poppy Reddish color for it. Now, I think I should have used another color that will make it stand out more. It was also my first time getting a reverse french, this way the nail art will still look good when my nails grow longer.

Kayoko rearrange the big and small brigh pink holograms on top of it to give it a gradation effect. I love it. I wonder how long the design will last this time.

Sakura – Upper East Side
1709 2nd Ave (btwn 88th & 89th)
New York, NY‎

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