New Years Day (Part 2) – Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

After a short lunch break at PAX, we went to our next destinations, RIPLEY’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

We were enjoying the view from across the street at PAX.

Amanda trying to keep the mouth of the dragon open!

“The Peel Car, the smallest street-legal car in the world, legal only in the UK!” – Quoted from Ripley’s Facebook It is really smaller then the Beatles.

Me and the tallest man ever, Robert Wadlow. He was 8’11” tall.

We are hugging the bone of a very large dinosaur (replica of course). I believe it belongs to a brachiosaur.

Poor Albino Giraffe without his spots.

Such a big boat carved out of jade. I want to take it with me!

Walter Hudson was one the fattest man to live (1400 lb). He died of an heart attack in 1991. To remove his body, emergency workers had to cut a huge enough hole in his bedroom wall and then use a forklift. That’s a crazy way to be remove from one’s home.

The story of the Monkey King was told through this sculpture. It was carved out of camel bones. The sculpture is very detailed oriented and beautiful.

This may not look amazing but the story behind it is. The 13 foot long Burmese python (snake) attempted to swallow a 6 foot alligator whole. The head, shoulders, and forelimbs of the alligator was still together when they found the carcass (dead body) of the reptiles. The Burmese pyhon died from the attempt. It is crazy that the snake will make an attempt to swallow an alligator that is twice/triple it’s width.

We started playing around with the displays. We took a bunch of funny/scary photos.

Decapitated heads stored in pickled jars including MINES!

Locked in a box with only a big enough round hole for me to stick my head out and breath!

Amanda and I being tortured in the cow mask torture device from the medieval times.

This dress was made entirely from egg beaters. Behind the lovely dress was a quilt made entirely from clothing labels.

A raincoat entirely made from recycling bags.

A collage of Abraham Lincoln was made by Danny and Jeff Haber with 2400 pennies. This was their second collage of Abraham Lincoln; their first one is hanging on their wall.

Jessica and this gentleman are leading us to the exit.

On the way out, we past by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Candy Store. Look at the large varieties.

We saw very disgusting looking candies such as Crickettes and Larvets. Would you buy these to try?

After we left Ripley’s Believe It or Not! we took loads of picture around Times Square. Only posting one. -all photos credited to Amanda’s camera

Afterwards, we went and saw Sherlock Holmes next door at AMC Empire 25. After the movie, we went to Tony’s DiNapoli restaurant for dinner. It really was the best New Years Day ever.


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