Samuel Li – 5.5 Months Old

Cousin Amy always bring Samuel over on Tuesday since it was my aunt and uncle’s day off. He had grown so much over these past few months. These are the pictures I have taken of him today.

He looks so cute smiling like that. His little thin lip smile.

He is always stuffing his fingers into his mouth. He is just stuffing them in though not sucking on them. lol.

Him and his thin line smile. He is amused at me taking all these pictures of him. He is always moving his hands and body, as if he is dancing.

After Alice got home and play with him, he was giggling and laughing very loud. This was his big laugh. It make him look chubbier. lol.

It was exhausting trying to get him to sleep. He needs to be in someone’s arm or back moving around. He finally got all tired and fell asleep.


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