Hins’ Classics Night Concert @ Atlantic City

I spend my Thanksgiving Eve @ Atlantic City’s Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort to see Hins’ Classics Night Concert (張敬軒 “軒”動心情之旅).

I went to the concert with Amanda and my sis. We met up with some of my family (the ones who are living in Phllly) at Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort where they got 2 free hotel rooms (same goes for their concert ticket). They can go straight to sleep after the concert. Too bad I need to come back to work the next day otherwise I would have stayed. =/

Priscilla was at the concert too. She was sitting in the first row with her friends. I was sitting in the second row right behind her.

Everlyn was there too. She was sitting on the other side of the arena.

He starts off by singing two English songs. His English was very good for someone who wasn’t an ABC. His English was as good as someone who was born and studied in the USA.

Hins was playing the piano for one of his song. He looks very cute playing the piano. He also played it really well.

At some point during the concert they lighted up the back of the stage with a lot of little lights as if there were a million stars in the sky. It was very pretty.

Below are just some photos I have taken throughout the concert:

Special guest artist, Mona (孟楠). I had no idea who she is and she looks very old. Hins said he known her for 10 yrs. That makes him 18 when he met her. She sang a Mandarin song. She can sing really high and long beats.

For the entire concert he only changed his costume twice. I was very surprise by this. In all the other Asian concerts that I have been to the artist would change costumes multiply times. Both of Hins costumes were sparkling suits. One was pink and the other was white.

He took off the white suit and he had on a black vest on for the encore. He looked extremely cute in it. People were very high on Hins, he had to encore a 2nd time. ^,^

During the concert he was very amusing. He was making a lot of funny jokes. It really crack us up. He told the audience that he is sweating a lot and needs a pack of tissue. Then he made an attempt to come down to shake hands but there was way too many people trying to get near him. He had to go back on stage. Someone gave him a pack of tissue and he made a joke about being worried that a lot females going through their hand bags looking for packs of stuff (meaning sanitation pack) and will give him that instead. He said, it’s alright, I’ll still use it. lol.

Since he wasn’t able to get off the stage to shake hands, he faced the audience in all directions and extend his arm in a shaking hand position pretending to shake everyone’s hand. In between songs he thank a lot of people. He also thank the audience and bow to us. Overall, he did a good job. It could have been more interesting though. I think he made a good effort to make it interesting.

I haven’t finish going through all the pictures (400+). Will update with a link in the near future.

Hins’ Classics Night Concert (張敬軒 “軒”動心情之旅)
Location: Mark G. Etess Arena @ Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort
Date/Time: November 26, 2009 @ 1AM


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  1. animemiz
    Dec 10, 2009 @ 13:56:04

    Oh so that seems interesting. I knew another person who went to this concert.. he seems too young for my tastes.


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