DeNova European Spa

Recently I’ve been getting into buying Groupon. They email you daily deals and some of them are not bad. One of them was for for a 30-minute lemon-chiffon or chocolate-truffle body scrub treatment at DeNova European Spa. It cost $30 when it was worth $60.


I had an appointment at 6pm and I got there right on time. Pardon the darkness, the sun disappears very early these days. The place doesn’t look very appealing with it being on the 2nd floor and it’s dirty sign but since I already brought a groupon, I figure I’ll give it a try. There was no elevator but good thing it was only the 2nd floor and it is good exercise.



They greet me very quickly and I told them I had an appointment at 6pm. They immediately ask for my groupon. I find that to be very unusual and rude. Aren’t they suppose to serve me first before asking for the groupon (payment)? I took a seat at the very EMPTY couch. I was very surprise that it was empty because every time I called to make an appointment/reschedule they had distant dates as if they were booked up to the rim. They immediately informed me where the restroom was. I took a look around and notice they had media articles behind the counter and some products on the wall.


Through the hallway on the other end is the manicure and pedicure station. The bathroom was located right before entering the room of station. It looked like an alright spa place but I think the staff was not very attentive. I sat that for a few minutes unattended. They didn’t even offer me anything to drink.



The rooms were nicely decorated with candles and flowers. I liked the room setting and decoration. The bed was not very comfortable and the sheets were very rough and thin. I was getting cold. After getting undress, it took the salon technician a good 10 to 15 minute before coming in.

The salon technician gave me a chocolate sugar exfoliation first from feet upward to the back and arms and then a chocolate truffle massage in the same manner. There was no full body treatment because the salon technician did not touch my shoulder at all. She did massage my legs and feet and it felt really good but not my back or shoulder. It was quite a disappointment. I know it was only 30 minute but she could have spread out the time more efficiently and evenly to cover the other parts of my body.

Another problem was I can barely smell the chocolate truffle scent the entire time she was using it. It was until I was dressing back up that I notice the so-call-chocolate-truffles were white and I had to put it right under my nose in order for me to smell it. Sucky product.


I only gave her a $5 tip because it was not what I expected. The only thing I liked was the leg and feet massage and the decoration (including the bathroom) and atmosphere. They could have done a better job. DeNova European Spa could use some improvement. If it improve in service I will reconsider and give it another chance. Rate: 2/10


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joan
    Nov 15, 2009 @ 12:17:25

    hi friend, i found out on seouldiva that you bought lula hoop from wool and the gang.
    could you send me instruction and knitting pattern? pls


    • greenmilktea
      Nov 15, 2009 @ 20:21:08

      Sure but it’s going to take awhile. I placed it in storage and haven’t taken it out to make yet.


  2. Joan
    Nov 16, 2009 @ 08:57:36

    ok, i will be waiting. thanks!


  3. wendy
    Jan 22, 2010 @ 15:36:58

    nice. that looks expensive though… but u should tried out one in 42 madison sq. call Butterfly, that place is awesome, pretty, and nice.


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