Yummy – Doughnut Plant

After dropping my brother off at the bus stop to go back to Philly I had a craving for doughnut so I went to DOUGHNUT PLANT.

Doughnut Plant

Look at that line! It was only 3:30ish. It is best to go early in the morning, there is no line. Doughnut Plant has a very small but friendly storefront. It carries a variety of yeast and cake doughnut, some are seasonal and some are everyday flavors.

Baking Factory in the back

Right behind the storefront is their donut factory. All of their doughnut are made right here. *Sniffs the air* A smell of freshly baked doughnuts coming right out of the oven!

His Media

Poster of their press media and articles were hanging around the store. There was also a poster of the owner’s grandfather taking out a tray of freshly baked doughnut.

Price menu

Their price menu was hanging on top of the casher. These donuts are not cheap but they really worth the price! I love their creme brulee and chai tea so far. The creme brulee is very small in size but pack great flavor in it. The custard of the creme brulee is slightly glazed with sugar and the creme inside is very light and fluffy. The chai tea was made at the start of the day and by 3:30ish that day it reach the bottom of the pot and it wasn’t as good but I still like it. It have a light chai flavor and alot of milk. Just the way I like it.

List of Flavor

A rack of doughnuts and images of the flavors offered. The rack is running out of doughnuts. Doughnut Plant only make a certain amount of doughnut per day and once it was sold out that was it for the day.


These are the current popular flavors they have in store. I had try the Strawberry Jam Doughnut. It is a square shaped doughnut with strawberry jam on all four sides, where every bite you take you’ll get some strawberry jam. (Doughnut Plant is famous for their square doughnuts!) All the strawberry jam used are made from organic strawberries. It wasn’t too bad. Just slightly too sweet for me. Compare with other doughnuts I had from else where it really isn’t too sweet.

The gentleman with the baseball cap on is the owner, Mark Isreal. He came out to give us the bad news… They were running out of doughnut and it was only 4pm! All the customers that were still on line along with me can only purchase 1 doughnut! because they did not have enough for everyone to buy multiples. So for that day I only had a vanilla bean doughnut and my favorite, chai tea. Next time I will try the Carrot Cake Doughnut!

Doughnut Plant
379 Grand Street (on Essex Street)
New York, NY 10002


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. miz
    Nov 11, 2009 @ 22:10:48

    Hmm.. I tried this place.. and it was all right..don’t see the hype actually.


  2. greenmilktea
    Nov 13, 2009 @ 11:41:58

    I really like the creme brulee though. It was really delicious and it is better then the usual doughnuts you get at Dunkin Donut or bakeries.


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