Lust – Swarovski Crystal

I went to Swarovski Crystal today for a SCS members “Exclusive Event” for a showcase of the Annual Edition 2009 Gorillas. The display of Gorilla figurines were not very attractive and very expensive. The figurine is made with Black Diamond crystal and the eyes are made with Jet Black crystal. I think it would look alot pretty if it was the other way around, where the gorilla will be made out of Jet Black crystal and the eyes to be Black Diamond crystal.

GorillaGorilla Cub

Annual Edition 2009 Gorillas set = $475!!! Gorilla Cub only = $180!!!

Just the small Gorilla cub itself cost too much. It just wasn’t my style. But something else caught my eyes for the rest of the evening.

Heritage Necklace and RingClose Up of Heritage Necklace

Heritage Necklace = $190

Heritage Ringheritage ring

Heritage Ring = $150

Look how pretty the Heritage Necklace and Heritage Ring are!  “Inspired by a flower in full blossom, this ring shows your affinity to all things natural. The rhodium-plated ring made of Satin, Amethyst, Light Amethyst and Silver Shade crystals in a prong setting captures the attention of on-lookers as it plays with light in magical ways.” — photo and quote credit to Swarovski Crystal

I love the irregular shape and size of the crystals and the way it balance each other out. I love that the necklace used darker and bolder colors crystals to balance it out. The necklace cord is made out of silver-coloured satin giving it a more refined and fresher appearance instead of using a regular silver chain in the pendant version. If the Light Amethyst on the ring were a darker purple giving  it a bolder look it would have been perfect but it still look pretty the way it is.


— credit to

Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) wore this necklace in “War of In-Laws II” (野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶). Cherry Blossom Necklace = $330!

This Cherry Blossom Necklace is no longer seen in the Swarovski Crystal boutique anymore because it was discontinued but if it ever get back in store I will definitely want one even though it is very expensive. It’s very simple and elegant with the cherry blossom chain with randomly placed clear crystals and silver shaped cherry blossoms on it. I can only hope the Cherry Blossom Collection will be brought back!


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  1. Bijuterii Online
    Jan 05, 2010 @ 08:54:09

    Have you try it heare!?


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