Grandma’s Birthday Dinner

Sunday was my grandma’s lunar year birthday. My cousin-in-law (Ah Feng aka Steven) drove my cousin (Amy), Baby Samuel, Aunt, Uncle, and sister (Alice) into Philly to celebrate her birthday with a huge family dinner. It was a very good day. It rained cats and dogs the day before and now it’s all sunny and autumn-liked.


Look at how good the weather is! All those pretty colorful trees. Red, orange, yellow and green leaves. I didn’t really do much the whole time I was there just regular daily day things.

First Table of Food

2nd Table of Food

Dinner was extremely early at 6ish because we need time to drive back home later. We had two table of food to feed a total of 19 people. Look at that huge pile of crabs. We also had roasted pork, lettuce, pig tongue, chicken, cauliflower with fish balls, green bean with mix vegetable, lotus root, bean threads with dried shrimp and oriental mustard with mushroom (Not in image. It was still being prepared.) It was the same food on both tables. It was a very delicious and fulfilling home cooked meal!

Birthday Cake

After the delicious meal, we all sang a Happy Birthday song and we had a very beautiful Black Forest Sponge Cake with Chestnut filling. I’m not a huge fan of chestnut filling, prefer mix fruit instead but it was still very delicious. Love the fruits on top of it.


Look how happy she is! She’s happy that everyone can come be with her for her birthday.

Group Pic

Almost everyone who was there that day was in the picture. The only exception was Steven and I. We were both taking pictures. It was a very fulfilling dinner. Happy Birthday Grandma!


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