Wedding Banquets

I have went to a few wedding banquets in my life, one time I was even a bridesmaid. I recently went to one in Chinatown at Crystal Palace aka The Great Harmony Restaurant (喜萬年酒樓) with my sis and mom. It was my mom’s friend’s daughter’s wedding banquet. At times, it was quite funny. The food and service wasn’t so great though. The food was either too oily or too dry. I asked for a teapot of water and never got it. (I don’t drink soda anymore.)

We got there very early. The actual banquet didn’t start until 8pm and we got there at 6ish. My mom saw her friends and they talked until the food was serve.

Mom and her friends

My mom and her friends. She is the third one on the top row. The first one on the top row is the bride’s mother. I only recognize the 2nd and 3rd person on the bottom row. They had visited me before.

Me, Sis, Mom

Me, my sister, Alice and my mom enjoying the company of each other and her friends.


A very zoom in picture of the bride. I was sitting a few tables away so it’s blurry. I like her simple wedding dress.

Huge Group Pic

Huge group picture of a lot of people with the bride and groom. Bride is Mimi Li and groom is Tim Liu. My mom is in this picture too. Do you see her?

Center/Dance floor

Center of hall

They had this nice center area of the restaurant like an aisle which was later turned into a dance floor. That was the only thing nice about the restaurant.

Dance Floor

The bride and groom had their first dance on the dance floor and then others follow. I wanted to go but I was too embarrassed. It was very sweet and nice. I love going to wedding banquets and seeing couples unite and join together. Congrats to the newly weds and may they enjoy the days to come.

The Grand Harmony Restaurant
98 Mott Street
New York, NY 10013
Tel: 212-226-6603
Fax: 212-941-4697


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