Royal Queen Experience – Mani+Pedi

Manicare and pedicare at Sakura Nail Salon LES is like having a royal queen treatment. (Same treatment in UES location.) Two people are serving and pampering you. I went recently for it and it was a great experience. Even though it was great I still love Calgel more because it lasts longer. ^.^ I love the interior design of the nail salon.

Sakura 01

This is the waiting area. Plenty of magazines to flip through. I usually flip through Venus Nails for nail designs.

Front DeskManicare Area

Front desk and Manicare area. It’s nicely separated from the Pedicare section.

They have different types of manicare and pedicare. I did a regular manicare for $12 and an Organic Rosemary & Mint pedicare for $40. It is better then a regular pedicare but I think I would go back to getting a regular pedicare for $26. Save some money there. A pedicare last longer then a manicare.

Rosemary and Mint

Those things floating in the water are rosemary and mint leaves. It’s very refreshing.

Junko, Nadiya

Junko is the one doing the pedicare. Nadiya is the one working on my hand.

Callus SofterMassaging

It’s very similar to a regular pedicare elsewhere except they also take extra care of the callus by soaking the callus in some softener to soften the callus for easier removal. They also give you a good massage. They also give you a massage for regular manicare. You don’t get that in other nail salons.



I choose a redish purple color. Doesn’t it look nice? Next time I’m going will be during NYFW for Calgel. Seouldiva said if we mention her we get 20% discount. Can’t wait!


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