Cold Day at Dorney Park

It has always been frustrating trying to plan events with a group of people. There is always disagreements or weather inconvenience and etc. This time it was weather inconvenience. We originally planned to go to Dorney Park on Saturday, Aug. 22nd but because we thought it was going to rain it was rescheduled to Aug. 28th. In the end, Aug. 22nd didn’t rain and was a nice, sunny and warm day while Aug. 28th rained most of the day.


Don’t let the picture trick you. The sky was very cloudy and dark. Even though it rained most of the day it was still a pretty good day. KC took tons of pics and I took some later in the day. Tons of fun, short lines for the rides, and more picture taking. Most of the water rides rate a 8/10 except the really slow ones. Those only get a 1 or 2/10.


It was extremely cold and windy. It was only 64 degrees and I was in my bikinis.



All of us were literally freezing our ass off and extremely wet. lol.


I don’t know why the Wildwater River was name that. It was extremely peaceful and slow. It should really be called the Lazy River. We all have arrived at the end of the river. It was starting to drizzle again.

I didn’t go on any “real” roller coaster rides only went on a kiddie roller coaster. I can’t stand roller coasters. They too fast for me. I’ll get dizzy and start vomiting.


We also went on the Antique Carrousel multiply times while we were waiting for the other people to get off the roller coaster rides. They joined us on the carrousel later on too.

KC, Tifffany and I also went walked around the little shops like the Camp Snoopy Outfitters to take pictures.



Don’t we look cute with the Snoopy stuffed animals? lol. ^.^ It was alot of fun despite the cold rainy weather.

**Shout Out to KC** We should go again next yr!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. KC
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 01:03:30

    LOL Aww it was a lovely blog entry, Jea!
    And about the Wildwater River thing, it is called the Lazy River! LOL haha =P And yeah I already miss all of you guys! =( Summer just felt like it started again when we were all hanging out again and having so much fun! Keep in touch. Im excited for our facial date! 😉


  2. greenmilktea
    Sep 03, 2009 @ 02:07:07

    @KC But I recall seeing a sign that say Wildwater River instead of Lazy River. See you during winter break for that facial date.


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