Cousin’s Son, Samuel Li

July 31st was my cousin’s son, Samuel Li’s one month birthday. One month ago, June 31tst at around 10:30pm he was born into this world at Beth Israel Medical Center weighting 7 lb 13 oz. He was small, fragile and has a head full of hair. He was the cutest thing I have seen in years. Babies are so cute even when crying. >.< This was taken when he was 2 days old. His face was so red.

Samuel Crying

He has the cutest feet. They were long and skinny. I wish my fingers were long an skinny like that. These are girl’s features not guys.

Samuel's Feet

This was taken at his one month banquet. He looks so much maturer in just one month especially in that outfit. He also had a haircut. His grandfather (my uncle) gave him it. He looks so different with less hair.

Samuel 01 Samuel 02

One last pic before I go. He looks so cute and adorable with his month open waiting for his milk. It also looked like he was getting sleep6y and yawned. lol. Babies grow fast. Definitely will take more pictures of him when I see him next time.

Samuel 03


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