Direct 2 You Concert (Wong Fu Productions + Magnetic North)

Event: Direct 2 You Concert (Wong Fu Productions + Magnetic North)
Location: NYU Kimmel Center (60 Washington South Sq)
Date: Monday, Oct 29th
Time: 7pm

I had alot of fun at the Direct 2 You Concert at NYU last night. It was my second Wong Fu event. My first was at the Music Video Show that took place in the summer. I was very nervous back then but this time I was not nervous at all just full of enthusiasm of getting to meet Ted again. I was very happy and surprised when Ted actually recognize me from the Music Video Show. I didn’t think he’ll recognize me since he met so many ppl that day. I was also glad when he recalled that Donald went with me (not remembering his name but that a guy went with me) and thinks that he’s my brother. Why was I glad about it? It’s because for once ppl don’t that he was my boyfriend just a friend or brother. We talk for a little bit and then I ran off to find a seat, almost all the seats were taken.

Then it was…..
Show Time!

Ted showed us a very funny, short and entertaining clip of Philip, Wes, and him saying hi to us, apologizing for their absence. Everyone chucked alot through it because Philip was making alot of funny faces. A short speech was made and FINALLY Wes’s short film was premiered. I took tons of snapshots of funny, cute, and hot expressions from the short film, another highly entertaining and amusing short. I laughed and chuckled alot throught out it. After the lights went back on Ted started answering questions about the short. A few more chuckles went around. I was thinking that the night is about to end, turn out that it was just the beginning.

MAGNETIC NORTH came on stage. When I read on CSS’s site that they were going to come. I thought they were bluffing. Teresa aka T- and Derek aka Direct were both very nice and energized. They went right on hip hopping on their songs. They sang a few songs and now I have two faves. Drifted Away and We Will Not Be Moved. In two of the songs they remixed it some more to get the audience to join in the singing. While I was videotaping a few minute of the song with my camera I joined along to. I was high on HIP HOP which I was never a huge fan for but last night I was all HIGH. It was a great and fullfilling night.



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