Jason Mraz – I’m Yours + Geek In The Pink

Currently, I’m really obsess with Jason Mraz’s song, I’m Yours. When did I became obsess with this song? Some of you already know but some of you don’t. It was right after I watched Wong Fu Production’s MV for the song. It was very sweet of them to dedicate the MV to their friends, Jane and Justin Ha for their wedding day. I love the instrumental music at the beginning of the song and that they use it throughout the whole song. It’s very playful and sweet at the same time. My favorite word in the lyrics was love/loved. I liked that they emphasize/draw out some of the syllables for some of the lyrics. It’s a very very beautiful and amazing song. It makes me wish I’m yours! hehee. ^_^

Another good song by Jason Mraz that I am obsess with is, Geek In The Pink. I don’t like the short “Yo” conversation that they have at the beginning of the song. My favorite lyric in the whole song is, “Ha-ha, It’s laundry day!” because of the way it was sang. I love the (do do do) music that was made after my favorite lyric and used it a few times throughout the song. It make the song more cheerful and catchy. This song is from Jason Mraz’s album, Mr. A-Z. Out of all his songs, these two are my favorite favorite! Love them alot! ^,^

If you like the songs, you can download I’m Yours here and the lyric here. You can download Geek in the Pink here and the lyric here. When you download the song you would need to click on the download file button.

The link you see along with the song’s title will allow you to listen to the song without downloading it. Enjoy!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Richard Chen
    May 14, 2007 @ 15:56:10

    I love the extensive hyperlinking you have in your posts. It shows careful thought, good record-keeping, and organization on your behalf which’ll keep me reading, too!

    As for the song itself, I’ve a hard time separating the electronically enhanced echo effect from what may be filtering. The intonations and pronounciations are probably the singers’ and if so then very talented and alone worth listening to. The song’s simple lyrics enhance its simple, somewhat repetitive rhythmn though I think that’s regular with pop. I’m not sure what else to think …


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